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Foo was invented by Nescio Nomen[1] in the 17th century.

A century later, Foo was refined by Negidius Numerius (Blue 2003).[2] Numerius, interestingly, also subsequently refined the Blaz that predated Foo.[3]

It was also Negidius Numerius who established that N. Nomen was the original inventor of Foo (Blue 2003, pp. 17-18).

Even though Baz is sometimes confused with Foo, Baz was independently invented by Nescio Nomen.[1]

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  1. ^ a b Nescio Nomen is not to be confounded with his distant nephew Nexio Nomen; see Adam Adams, The Nomen Dynasty in Eastern Europe, Academia Press, 1903, p. 227, footnote 7.
  2. ^ A less reliable source spells the name as Nemarius (Valens 1985).
  3. ^ Most manufacturers today prefer Numerius' refined Blaz over his Foo, even though at Nomen's time, Foo represented an improvement on Blaz.


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