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Adding a cause to a medical page[edit]

Moved to Talk:Dysarthria

Differences between copryrighted and public domain images?[edit]

What are the differences between copyrighted and public domain images? Are public domain pictures still copyrighted? PhinbellaMedia (talk) 14:02, 13 January 2018 (UTC)

In short, no. They're released to the public for use by whomever/whenever. See public domain and copyright. †dismas†|(talk) 15:00, 13 January 2018 (UTC)
Pinging user: PhinbellaMediadismas†|(talk) 15:02, 13 January 2018 (UTC)
  • Well, technically, not all PD images are "released". Some of them are released at the time of creation by their author, but others lapse in the public domain (usually a certain time after publication or author's death); the latter sometimes happens very much against the wish of whoever holds their copyright at that time. Public domain to the set of works for which no intellectual property applies at a given moment, without getting into the details of why. TigraanClick here to contact me 17:37, 22 February 2018 (UTC)

Question about uploading free images that came from another websites.[edit]

So I have a question. Does free images from another websites can be uploaded on Wikipedia? Many images are taken using a camera and uploaded on another website by others. I know it is not copyrighted, but I'm not sure if it's acceptable here on Wikipedia or not. PhinbellaMedia (talk) 12:52, 22 January 2018 (UTC)

  • Note Question moved to project page. Eagleash (talk) 12:58, 22 January 2018 (UTC)
Hey PhinbellaMedia. If you can provide a link we can probably be more helpful. GMGtalk 17:50, 22 February 2018 (UTC)
@GreensMeansGo: Answered at Wikipedia:Help desk/Archives/2018 January 22#Question about uploading free images that came from another websites.. Cheers. Eagleash (talk) 17:59, 22 February 2018 (UTC)
Ah. That's what I get for stepping out for a smoke and using my phone. GMGtalk 18:00, 22 February 2018 (UTC)
Long 'phone call! :) Eagleash (talk) 18:16, 22 February 2018 (UTC)

Section: "Editing without logging in"[edit]

This section of the help template {{HD/ip}} is out of date and needs amending in the light of the wiki-wide namechange from "Save changes" to "Publish changes". I've not altered this myself as I was unsure about the script that is being recommended. Could someone check and confirm when when it's good to go in an up-to-date form. Regards, Nick Moyes (talk) 13:44, 26 February 2018 (UTC)


Helo Sir / Madam

The article posted on the wikipedia is obviously wrong, the world most oldest language is tamil, before i jave used to check in wikipedia it were tamil, im not sure howlong it would have been, but now im so shocked that it turn to sanskrit, How could it be happen? Is wikipedia allows to make record whatever we narrate as our wish / editing pages just like what I have did just now..? So dissappointed, truth has to be truth, i have read a lot about tamil in the articles and it was the oldest language in the world.hope you may check with that.Thanks Jeffreyfernaz (talk) 22:38, 1 April 2018 (UTC)

  • Note: The above copied to the project page. Eagleash (talk) 22:50, 1 April 2018 (UTC)