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Some suggested translations of Japanese terms are listed below for informational purposes, although translations should adhere to guidelines and policies, particularly the manual of style for Japan-related articles.

Japanese to English translations[edit]

(in Japanese alphabetical order, by subject)

Addresses & Administrative Divisions[edit]

  • 字 — aza; section of a village or town
  • 大字 — ōaza; large section of a village or town
  • 区 — -ku; municipal ward, the 23 wards of Tokyo call themselves cities in English now.
  • 郡 — -gun; district
  • 県 — -ken; prefecture
  • 号 — -gō; building number
  • 市 — -shi; city
  • 支庁 — shichō; subprefecture (used only in Hokkaidō)
  • 丁目 — chōme; numbered city district
  • 都 — -to; "metropolis", metropolitan prefecture (used only for Tokyo)
  • 道 — -dō; "circuit", prefecture (used only for Hokkaidō)
  • 番地 — banchi; numbered city block (sometimes abbreviated to 番 ban)
  • 府 — -fu; urban prefecture (used only for Kyoto and Osaka)
  • 町 — -machi/-chō; town; also a submunicipal division
  • 村 — -mura/-son; village

Historical Events / Terms[edit]

Business and Economics[edit]

  • 青色申告 — aoiro shinkoku; blue tax return
  • 青色事業専従者 — aoiro jigyō senjūsha; dependents of a taxpayer submitting a blue tax return
  • 赤字原因 — akaji gen'in; cause of deficit
  • 赤字鉄道路線 — akaji tetsudō rosen; deficit-ridden railway line
  • 赤字国債 — akaji kokusai; a national deficit loan
  • 赤字財政 — akaji zaisei; deficit finance
  • 赤字団体 — akaji dantai; local governments with financial deficit
  • 赤字公債 — akaji kōsai; deficit bond; deficit-covering national bond
  • 赤字バス路線 — akaji basu rosen; deficit-ridden bus route
  • 赤字予算 — akaji yosan; deficit budget
  • 赤字路線 — akaji rosen; deficit-ridden transport line
  • 圧縮記帳 — asshuku kichō; advanced depreciation
  • 斡旋 — assen; conciliation; arbitration; negotiation
  • アンダーパー発行 andā pā hakkōissue at under par value
  • 八幡製鉄所 — Yawata seitetsusho/seitetsujo; Yawata Steel Works

Culture, the Arts, Religion[edit]


  • 悪臭対策 — akushū taisaku; preventive measures against unpleasant odors

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