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Featured articles[edit]


Here are the top level headings from 16 featured articles on diseases. It may be useful to compare this with the guidelines and boilerplate text. Colin°Talk 17:06, 5 April 2007 (UTC)

Coeliac disease Influenza Down syndrome Cystic fibrosis AIDS Prostate cancer Pneumonia Multiple sclerosis
Signs and symptoms Etymology Characteristics Symptoms and signs Infection by HIV Prostate Symptoms Common symptoms
Diagnosis History Genetics Diagnosis and monitoring Diagnosis Symptoms Diagnosis Diagnosis
Pathophysiology Microbiology Incidence Pathophysiology Signs and symptoms Pathophysiology Pathophysiology Disease course and clinical subtypes
Treatment Diagnosis Prenatal screening Treatment Trasmission and prevention Epidemiology Types of pneumonia Factors triggering a relapse
Epidemiology Epidemiology Cognitive development Epidemiology Treatment Prevention Treatment Pathophysiology
Social and religious issues Prevention Health History Epidemiology Screening Complications Why multiple scleroris occurs
History Treatment Genetic research See also Economic impact Confirming the diagnosis Prognosis and mortality Treatment
References Research Social and cultural aspects References Stigma Staging Prevention Prognosis
External links Infection in other animals History External links Origin of HIV Risk assessment Epidemiology Epidemiology
  Economic impact Notable individuals   Alternative hypotheses Treatment History History
  See also Portrayal in fiction   HIV and AIDS misconceptions Prognosis See also Multiple sclerosis in film, television and sports
  References and notes References   Notes and references Progression Notes See also
  Further reading Bibliography   External links History External links References
  External links External links     References   External links
          External links    
Schizophrenia Asthma Chagas disease Tuberculosis Asperger syndrome Lesch-Nyhan syndrome Tourette syndrome Cholangiocarcinoma
Overview History History Other names History Features Classification Symptoms
History Signs and symptoms Epidemiology and geographical distribution Symptoms Classification and diagnosis Diagnosis Characteristics Epidemiology
Diagnosis Pathophysiology Clinical manifestations Bacterial species Characteristics Genetics Causes Risk factors
Causes Treatment Infection cycle Transmission Clinical perspective Pathophysiology Diagnosis Pathophysiology
Incidence and prevalence Prognosis Laboratory diagnosis Pathogenesis Non-clinical perspective Oxidative stress Screening Diagnosis
Findings on violence and schizophrenia Epidemiology Prognosis Diagnosis See also Treatment Management Staging
Treatment and services See also Treatment Progression Notes Prognosis Prognosis Prognosis
Prognosis References Prevention Treatment External links History Epidemiology Treatment
Recovery and rehabilitation External links See also Prevention   Notes History and research directions Notes
Schizophrenia and drug use   Notes Epidemiology   References Social impact and notable causes References
Alternative approaches to schizophrenia   References History   External links See also External links
Popular culture   Further reading Infection of other animals     Notes  
See also   External links See also     References  
Further reading     References     Further reading  
External links     Further reading     External links  
References     External links          


The three featured articles in listed by Project Pharmacology are

Other signifcant drug articles are

The headings in-use vary wildly. IMO the list of top-level sections we recommend should be pruned to those that are commonly applicable. Colin°Talk 17:22, 5 April 2007 (UTC)


Have updated these to make them easier to use. People were listing multiple synonyms in the heading.Doc James (talk · contribs · email) 09:52, 30 May 2010 (UTC)