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Work we are doing on the Toluca's History[edit]

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Many fossils founded in Toluca’s valley show that in the past huge animals common to the continent were settled in the county. These huge animals called Mamutes possibly lived in this area along with the “Tepexpan Man", whose fossils were found in Texcoco, a county close to Toluca. [1]

Mesoamerican Period[edit]

• Toluca was founded in 1120 by the matlazincas and built in the last colony of Macpatxóchitl.

• Toluca’s valley and what is now Toluca’s city, were included in the concession made by Carlos V to Hernán Cortés as marquis of the valley.

• A community was established in 1530, but it was not until 1677 that was catalogued as a city.

• There is a hill called Tolochi, which is in the North of the City and used to divide the state in 2 parts.

• The tree of “ Las Manitas Rojas”, which literally means: little red hands, was founded in the Nuestra Señora del Carmen’s convent, and it shows that Toluca was a little metropolis because náhuatl people used to have botanic gardens only in important places.

• The god Tolotzin was supposed to had his principal temple in the volcano: Xinantécatl, now known as the Nevado de Toluca, which by its shape seems to be the same god sleeping.

• In 1477 Toluca along all the Matlazinca’s territory is occupied by the Aztecs.


In 1521 the Spanish conquer the Toluca Valley. Leading the troops was Gonzalo de Sandoval, one of many sergeants of Cortes. Toluca’s first governor is Pedro Cortés Coyotzin.

In 1524 starts the evangelization process in Toluca and between the Frailes, the most notable is Fray Andrés Castro, making a great number of contributions and being the first one to learn the native language matlazinca.

In 1793 starts the construction of a road to Mexico city.

In 1799 Toluca is officially named a city by the king of Spain Carlos IV on September 12th [2]

Independence and post independence[edit]

- In 1810 Miguel Hidalgo stayed in Toluca for a few days in his way to “Monte de las Cruces”.

- In 1811 a group of “indígenas” (that was the name of the people from America) was shot by “peninsulares” (people born in Spain that lived in America). In consequence of this fact the place where this happened was called “Plaza de los Mártires”.

- In 1812 the first city council was installed.

- In 1821 Independence was proclaimed by the local authorities.

- En 1830 was raised as Constitutional Capital of the State of Mexico.

- In 1832 the building of “Los portales” was started, this building is located in Toluca’s downtown.

- In 1836 Because of the central system all the branches of government were rebased at Mexico City.

- In 1847 thanks to Ignacio Ramírez “El Nigromante” the Institute of Literature reopens.

- In 1851 the Principal theatre, which was built by González Arratia, was inaugurated .

- Mariano Riva Palacio is named governor of the state and he starts the most important modernization process of the city during the XIX century.

- In 1881 The Industrial Union was founded, the railroad was opened and the Bank of State of Mexico created the first bills in the country.

- In 1882 the Professor’s School was founded.

- In 1910 people celebrated the century of Independence, and The Professor’s School was inaugurated as well as the “Plaza España”. [3]

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