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Bad Rdr[edit]

     The Rdr at WP:SHOUT currently lks to the accompanying essay page, which i discovered in trying to link to what i have since linked from WP:SHOUTING. It appears from a brief review of links from article-talk pages (which are more practical than user-talk use of the link for inferring intent) that most users mentioning that link are concerned not about Proof by blatant assertion but about simulating a loud tone of voice using all-caps (or occasionally bolding). The result is bound to be frequent misunderstanding, when credible arguments that have been over-vigorously asserted appear to have been characterized as devoid of reasoning. It is likely that even the light number of visitors to the essay are largely due to the use of links that invite the expectation of reaching the discussion on Wikipedia:Talk page guidelines, making it especially urgent that we should avoid this cause of confusion with part of that very heavily visited and firmly established set of guidelines.
     I am retargeting the Rdr, and setting up a HatNote to deal with the occasional ref to the via the Rdr i'm replacing.
--Jerzyt 07:28, 12 March 2011 (UTC)