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Note: Use the table below to go to the talk pages for the other upload pages. Commons note: It is always preferable to upload free images at Commons:Upload so that the images can be used in all the projects and languages of the Wikimedia Foundation (see Unified login means you may already be registered at the commons. This allows you to upload there immediately.

See also the talk pages for the various Wikipedia upload forms:
Special:Upload (main upload form). Text introduction for it. Talk
Entirely my own work. Talk
The work of someone else, who has given permission to use it on Wikipedia or it is a work released under a free license. Talk
A work from a US federal government source. (NOT state or local government). Talk
A work from Flickr. Talk
A promotional photo from an advertisement, press kit, or other promotional source. Talk
The cover of an album or single. Talk
A cover or other page from a book, DVD, newspaper, magazine, or other such source. Talk
A screenshot taken of a movie, TV program, computer game, web site, computer program, music video, or other such source. Talk
The logo of an organization, brand, product, public facility, or other item. Talk
A picture of a postage stamp, or of currency. Talk
An image from a website. Talk
Other. Talk

Notes: Most of the links in the left side of the above table are to the transcluded introductory instruction text for the various upload forms linked from Wikipedia:Upload. For the full range of such transcluded upload text see Special:Prefixindex/Mediawiki:Uploadtext and Special:PrefixIndex/Wikipedia:Upload/Uploadtext. Those text pages can be edited by any registered user. There is a sandbox for editing Wikipedia:Upload.