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notability of branch libraries[edit]

This is just my personal summary:

  1. Based on recent discussions at AfD, I do not think most individual subject branch university libraries will be considered notable, and I would suggest incorporating them as sections into the main article. It is now possible to link to a section of an article, e.g. <nowikii>Y University Library#Jones Art Library</nowiki> There are, of course, some truly notable exceptions.
  2. Similarly, I do not think any neighborhood branch library will be considered notable; with very rare exceptions I do not think they will be considered worth a section, and I suggest a list within the main article for the city library..
  3. Individual town libraries have also been held non-notable, and are usually redirected to a section of the article on the town. County libraries, similarly.
  4. It doesn't matter whether we who are interested in them think them notable, because the consensus at WP apparently doesn't. I wouldn't try without very clear very reliable sources, in more than the local or college newspaper. On the precedent of schools, truly notable historic buildings may serve as a justification. DGG 22:26, 19 April 2007 (UTC)