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WikiProject Cooperatives (Rated Project-class)
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re-organizing categories[edit]

Hello, I'm pretty new to editing but I wanted to propose a different way to organize the categories section on the cooperatives portal page. Currently, they are not organized in any systematic way, just alphabetically. In the categories box, it seems that there are subcategories of types of cooperatives mixed in with broader categories of cooperative. I suggest that these could be organized by 1) worker cooperatives, 2) producer cooperatives, 3) consumer cooperatives, 4) shared services cooperatives, and 5) other . I believe this could make the cooperatives portal much more intuitive and user-friendly. Using the categories that already exist, it could work something like this (just a suggestion): Worker cooperatives subcategories: artist cooperatives, volunteer cooperatives Producer cooperatives subcategories: agricultural supply cooperatives, retailers' cooperatives Consumer cooperatives subcategories: agricultural marketing cooperatives, food cooperatives, mutual organizations Shared services cooperatives: subcategories: credit unions, Farm Credit System, housing cooperatives, rail cooperatives, utility cooperatives Other: agent-owned company, cooperative activists, cooperative federations, employee-owned companies, fan-owned sports teams, former cooperatives, mutual insurance companies, social centre (many of these deal with employee stock ownership) Credit Agricole should not be included in the main category box because it is a specific banking group. Similarly, I suggest getting rid of "cooperatives in India" from categories, as that is not a type of cooperative and belongs better under the "cooperatives by country" category page. For the purposes of my interests, I notice a lack of representation of worker cooperatives. Perhaps subcategories could be organised by job sector, such as industry and manufacturing, retail, service, media, education, health care, etc. If anyone disagrees with or has suggestions about the ways I categorized these, please provide feedback! Haiwenkit (talk) 23:53, 17 May 2015 (UTC)

Discussion of proposed merger of Cooperative Stock Market into Cooperative[edit]

The discussion for the proposed merger of the Cooperative Stock Market article into the Cooperative article is at Talk:Cooperative#Merge from Cooperative Stock Market. --Bejnar (talk) 21:43, 8 September 2015 (UTC)

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AfD: Claudio Gamboa Calderón[edit]

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