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Article assessment

Cleanup Help Proposed Merging or Redirect for Slog Page to Cricket Page or Sub-Category

Upon encountering a Wikipedia page, pertaining to the word “Slog,” as it relates to sports terminology in the game of Cricket, I noticed a potential opportunity to assist in the clean-up of Stub-Class articles, as mentioned in the Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Cricket/to do Talk Page.

Based on my rudimentary, yet thought-provoking, perusal of the Wikipedia article in question, entitled, Slog, I have deduced that, as a result of the lack of much ostensibly substantial content, depth of knowledge of the subject matter, breadth of the representative material, as well as the lack of any verifiable citations notated within the article, that this article merits compulsory Review and/or Revision.

It is my belief that the page in question would be better purposed by Merging, or rather through incorporating the current page, Slog, into the following Cricket page, whose path is noted here, Cricket.

Allowing the approval of my request to Redirect or Merge the aforementioned page would help to assist in the overall clean-up of Stub Class articles, which will ultimately lead to greater effectiveness, and thus efficiencies.

Greater efficiencies would impact the following Wikipedia processes: 1) Reducing Server Resources, which would positively impact Costs 2) Reducing Potential Maintenance Costs, 3) Eliminate Redundancies (i.e., virtually the same semblance of the definition of “Slog” in Wiktionary, including WikiData), and 4) Utilizing a Top-Down methodology for the Creation and Maintenance of both Categories and Portals, within the auspices of Wikimedia’s intellectual property, for the informational databases and datasets. These suggestions would ultimately create a greater efficiency within the navigation of the Wikipedia Community.

Thank you you for the time you have taken to read this commentary, I look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions on my Talk Page User talk:Markhalsey


Mark Halsey 04:34, 24 February 2018 (UTC)MarkHalsey

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