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WikiProject Geography (Rated Project-class)
WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject Geography, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of geography on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
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Category hierarchy for rivers and lakes by US State[edit]

As an example, Category:Rivers of Massachusetts is in Category:Bodies of water of Massachusetts, which is in Category:Water in Massachusetts, which is in Category:Geography of Massachusetts. Why isn't the rivers category (also) directly in the Geography category? I fixed this for Category:Rivers of Iowa (and Category:Lakes of Iowa), but on discovering that there's a large number of these figured I should discuss before changing any more.



I've marked Red Hills, Tasmania, Naduar, Dugure, Climate and vegetation interactions in the Arctic, Makotopong, SWISS TXT, Theegalagutta Palle, Ciudad Valles, Sierra de Tamaulipas, Kuh-e Shah, Bahanaga, Porto delle Grazie, Ngadirojo with the geography wikiproject tag at their talk pages. Is this appropriate and within the scope of this wikiproject? Please advise. (There is a discussion at this talk page where JarrahTree suggests that marking all locations with the geography wikiproject may not be appropriate.)

Thanks,--Gryllida (talk) 19:17, 9 December 2018 (UTC)

Also Draft:RTA (Niger), Draft:El Grito de Sunset Park, Draft:Port of Moses Lake, Draft:Clady River, Draft:Arthur's Stone, Kerikeri, Draft:Asansol in world war II, User:Sakaplowitz/sandbox, Draft:Rue d'Aubagne. --Gryllida (talk) 19:20, 9 December 2018 (UTC)

I tend to add geographical articles to a subordinate project if at all possible e.g. a river article to Wikipedia:WikiProject Rivers. Only if there is no subordinate, do I add this project tag, otherwise I suspect this project will become too big to manage. Other sub-projects are listed here. HTH. Bermicourt (talk) 08:42, 11 January 2019 (UTC)

Discussion at Talk:List of towns and cities with 100,000 or more inhabitants[edit]

I don't understand why this page and its subpages are not tagged as part of this WikiProject, but there is a discussion on this article's Talk page regarding whether the content of the subpages should be merged into the main page. See section "Idea: replace 2 pages of multiple sub pages by one huge table?". Jalen D. Folf (talk) 04:14, 10 February 2019 (UTC)

Useful 2014 document for Cambodia geography articles[edit]

Just spotted a useful document for Cambodia geography articles.

Discussion on template data storage[edit]

There's an ongoing discussion that will potentially have significant ramifications for templates used to store population data. Cheers, Number 57 01:17, 16 March 2019 (UTC)

Should the Indochina and Mainland Southeast Asia articles be merged?[edit]

Hi. Input is appreciated at Talk:Mainland Southeast Asia#We need to rename this page back to Indochina of to a name of the sorts. I would like to request a move. --Paul_012 (talk) 07:39, 23 March 2019 (UTC)

Reliability of World Population Review[edit]

I've started a discussion about this source of demographic statistics at Wikipedia:Reliable sources/Noticeboard#World Population Review. Expert input is welcome. Cordless Larry (talk) 08:11, 31 March 2019 (UTC)

Disputed title[edit]

Your feedback at Talk:Le Marais#Disputed title would be welcome! Mathglot (talk) 08:51, 6 April 2019 (UTC)