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Antipodes redux[edit]

I asked one time before for comment from members of this project on the question of whether antipode is a correct singular of antipodes, and was not able to elicit any response, except from one person already involved in the dispute. There has now been a proposal to actually move the antipodes article to antipode (geography). I hope those who are familiar with the literature will feel moved to comment this time. --Trovatore (talk) 21:21, 20 May 2018 (UTC)

According to the OED, the backformed singular "antipode" (the historical singular would be antipus, as in octopus~octopodes) is only used in the metaphorical sense of one who is the exact opposite: "I soberly believe, that selfishness is the very antipode of self-love." But even then, the grammatical plural is also used in the singular: "Iago is the direct antipodes to Michael Cassio." They felt the need to spell out that (In this sense the sing. antipode is still used), implying that the singular is no longer used in the geographic sense. There the grammatical plural is used even with a singular meaning: "New Zealand, almost the antipodes of Britain." — kwami (talk) 06:13, 29 May 2018 (UTC)

Rennock Lodge[edit]

An article was created entitled Rennock Lodge, stating that it is a neighbourhood in Kingston, Jamaica, but I have not been able to find information that specifically states that this is a neighbourhood. Instead, results lead back to a school named Rennock Lodge All Ages School.

I tried to find coordinates on google maps, geolocator, and Bing maps, but could not find that neighbourhood. I also queried the Kingston, Jamaica government site and got "No results" at all for "Rennock Lodge". This is discussed at FloridaArmy's talk page here.

How can we verify if this is truly a neighbourhood?

Thanks so much!–CaroleHenson (talk) 20:35, 27 May 2018 (UTC)

Never mind. I found coordinates at OpenStreetMap and one source that mentioned the community. Thanks anyway.–CaroleHenson (talk) 21:50, 28 May 2018 (UTC)

New Guinea articles[edit]

Wondering if people would be interested in expanding coverage of New Guinea, or have resources they could share or direct me to. There are major rivers, bays and ranges, such as the Yuat River and Kamrau Bay, that don't even have a stub. I'm coming to this from linguistics: there are a number of language families in New Guinea named after geographic features (partial list at User:Kwamikagami/sandbox2), meaning that in some ways we have better coverage of NG geography in our language article than we do in out geography articles. The whole point of naming a language family after geographic features (e.g. Niger–Congo or Nilo-Saharan) is to give people an easy way to picture and remember the family – but that doesn't help when they can't ID the features. — kwami (talk) 06:26, 29 May 2018 (UTC)

WikiProject collaboration notice from the Portals WikiProject[edit]

The reason I am contacting you is because there are one or more portals that fall under this subject, and the Portals WikiProject is currently undertaking a major drive to automate portals that may affect them.

Portals are being redesigned.

The new design features are being applied to existing portals.

At present, we are gearing up for a maintenance pass of portals in which the introduction section will be upgraded to no longer need a subpage. In place of static copied and pasted excerpts will be self-updating excerpts displayed through selective transclusion, using the template {{Transclude lead excerpt}}.

The discussion about this can be found here.

Maintainers of specific portals are encouraged to sign up as project members here, noting the portals they maintain, so that those portals are skipped by the maintenance pass. Currently, we are interested in upgrading neglected and abandoned portals. There will be opportunity for maintained portals to opt-in later, or the portal maintainers can handle upgrading (the portals they maintain) personally at any time.


On April 8th, 2018, an RfC ("Request for comment") proposal was made to eliminate all portals and the portal namespace. On April 17th, the Portals WikiProject was rebooted to handle the revitalization of the portal system. On May 12th, the RfC was closed with the result to keep portals, by a margin of about 2 to 1 in favor of keeping portals.

There's an article in the current edition of the Signpost interviewing project members about the RfC and the Portals WikiProject.

Since the reboot, the Portals WikiProject has been busy building tools and components to upgrade portals.

So far, 84 editors have joined.

If you would like to keep abreast of what is happening with portals, see the newsletter archive.

If you have any questions about what is happening with portals or the Portals WikiProject, please post them on the WikiProject's talk page.

Thank you.    — The Transhumanist   07:39, 30 May 2018 (UTC)

Merge Lesser Caucasus with Anticaucasus discussion[edit]

I have started a discussion at Talk:Lesser Caucasus#Merge with Anticaucasus about merging these two articles. I gather that this is somewhat of a politically sensitive topic, so I'm looking for uninvolved geography experts to join the discussion and provide insight. -- RoySmith (talk) 14:03, 31 May 2018 (UTC)

Choice of infobox on articles about constituencies[edit]

FYI: Pointer to relevant discussion elsewhere.

Please see this discussion and follow-up RfC concerning the relative merits of {{infobox constituency}} and {{infobox settlement}}. --Redrose64 🌹 (talk) 07:16, 4 July 2018 (UTC)