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Linguist List[edit]

Documentation for the following 240 codes was no longer maintained by Ethnologue as of July 2012. They are evidently not a complete list (see Classical Mandaic).

(The first version of this page listed each by ISO code, if you need them, but lack of AWB access prevented proper conversion.)

Aruá language (Amazonas State) Atsahuaca language Middle Armenian Beothuk language Brithenig language Chané language Chorotega language Classical Mongolian Chimakum language Messapic language Middle Cornish Island Carib language Knaanic language Dalmatian language Dutton World Speedwords Eteocretan language Eteocypriot language Mamulique language Epigraphic Mayan language Etchemin language Etruscan language Glosa language Mycenaean Greek language Guanche language Hieroglyphic Luwian language Maek language Middle Hittite Interglossa language Miluk language Marsian language Milyan language Minaean language Láadan language Langobardic language Laurentian language Late Middle Chinese Mobilian language Martha's Vineyard Sign Language Mator language Mozarabic language Neo-Hittite language Niuatoputapu language Narungga language Nocamán language Novial language Noric language Norn language North Picene language Northern Kalapuya language Middle Newar Nottoway-Meherrin language Numidian language Old Aramaic Old Avar Moabite language Old Burmese Old Breton Occidental Old Chinese Old Cornish Old Dutch Old Frisian Old Georgian Old Hittite Old Hungarian Old Japanese Middle Korean Old Korean Mochica language Omok language Minoan language Old Manipuri Old Marathi Old Mon Old Nubian Old Ossetic Old Persian Old Russian Oscan language Old Spanish Old Saxon Old Tibetan Old Turkish Old Tamil Old Uighur Old Welsh Paelignian language Paekche language Palaic language Pamlico language Polabian language Pentlatch language Puquina language Pyu language (Myanmar) Kuman language (Russia) Kwalhioqua-Tlatskanai language Quenya language Sicel language Kemi Sami language Sindarin language South Picene language Susquehannock language Sicanian language Southern Kalapuya language Selian language Sorothaptic language Timucua language Tokharian B language Tsetsaut language Tangut language Thracian language Tartessian language Marrucinian language Middle Welsh Adai language Aequian language Aghwan language Apalachee language Aquitanian language Bactrian language Middle Breton Bolgarian language Cumbric language Camunic language Celtiberian language Cisalpine Gaulish language Chemakum language Classical Armenian language Comecrudo language Cotoname language Chorasmian language Carian language Classical Tibetan language Curonian language Chuvantsy language Coahuilteco language Cayuse language Dacian language Edomite language Eblan language Faliscan language Galatian language Gabrielino-Fernandeño language Galindan language Garza language Harami language Hunnic language Hadrami language Hernican language Hattic language Hurrian language Iberian language Illyrian language Indus Valley Language Loup B language Lycian language Lydian language Lemnian language Ancient Ligurian Liburnian language Alanic language Loup A language Lepontic language Lusitanian language Cuneiform Luwian Elymian language Median language Ancient Macedonian Meroitic language Ancient North Arabian Middle Mongolian Anglo-Norman language Pecheneg language Phrygian language Pictish language Pumpokol language Pochutec language Puyo-Paekche language Parthian language Pisidian language Punic language Puyo language Qatabanian language Arin language Raetic language Aranama-Tamique language Sabaean language Scythian language Sidetic language Sakan language Solano language Assan language Sudovian language Transalpine Gaulish language Tokharian A language Early Tripuri Tasmanian language Umbrian language Upper Umpqua language Urartian language Venetic language Vandalic language Volscian language Vestinian language Woccon language Written Oirat language Zhang-Zhung language Zemgalian language Mysian language Mator-Taygi-Karagas language Yana language Yassic language Yug language Koibal language Koguryo language Karankawa language Kott language Kitan language Kaurna language Khazar language Kara language (Korea) Kaskean language

Sabine language Skalvian language

No article, or no info box

Michigamea language (Algonkian? Siouan?) [cmm] Esuma language (Kwa) [esm] Lui language (Tibeto-Burman) [lba] Nadruvian language (Baltic) [ndf] Epi-Olmec language [xep] Armazic language (Aramaic) [xrm] Khorezmian language (Khorezmian-Turkic) [zkh] Krevinian language (Finnic) [zkv]


Ceqli language [cql] Delason language [dea] Jakelimotu language (?? [jkl] not listed) Linga language (?? [lnq] not listed) Orcish language (?? [orq] not listed) Romanova language [rmv] Tceqli language (?? [tcj] not listed)

Linguist List does NOT "maintain" codes[edit]

Kwami, "Ethnologue" is irrelevant to the "maintenance" of ISO codes, they are different organizations within SIL for different purposes. It doesn't matter whether a language has an Ethnologue entry or not, it's code is fully maintained and active by the ISO authority and should be kept as an ISO code within the template. ISO codes are used for many purposes outside of SIL (libraries, articles, funding, etc.) and to remove that ISO label in the language template messes things up mightily. I've reverting you all over the place, but your stupid bot has created havoc through the language articles and needs to be reversed. These codes are NOT LinguistList codes, they are ISO codes !!! --Taivo (talk) 09:41, 28 July 2012 (UTC)

Which is why I objected to calling them LinguistList codes, which is what you're reverting to.
As they put it, Ethn. and LL maintain the language documentation for the ISO codes. There needs to be someplace that indicates what the codes refer to, and from the ISO documentation it is generally not possible to tell.
Shouldn't be any more 'maintained by LL' notices. We can delete support for that from the template. — kwami (talk) 19:27, 1 August 2012 (UTC)