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WikiProject Merge
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Merge, an attempt to reduce the articles to be merged backlog and improve the merging process. If you wish to help, you can edit the page attached to this talk page, or visit the project page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.
NOTE: To Make a Formal Merge Request; please go to This Page

Stale merger discussion[edit]

There's a stale merge discussion at Talk:Twinkle Khanna regarding merger of the book Mrs Funnybones to the author's article. The proposal has been there since October 2015. I am one of the involved parties and the editor who started this discussion wants someone else to close the discussion. The book is notable enough and meets WP:NBOOKS. I hope this discussion will be closed and the merger tags removed soon. Thanks, --Skr15081997 (talk) 09:32, 14 August 2016 (UTC)

I'll have a look. --Lemongirl942 (talk) 12:42, 21 August 2016 (UTC)

Articles to be merged <10,000[edit]

It was great to see the count at 9,999 and heading down! Not that that can be guaranteed to last ...Klbrain (talk) 17:06, 19 October 2016 (UTC)

Is it mandatory to place {{Copied}} while merging[edit]

This has been bugging me for a while so I thought of asking. I always thought was this good practice, but optional to place {{copied}}. Thoughts? --Lemongirl942 (talk) 12:48, 21 October 2016 (UTC)

Attribution to the authors of the merged material is essential. Are you asking whether giving that attribution via an edit summary is enough? NewYorkActuary (talk) 13:01, 21 October 2016 (UTC)
Yes. If an editor simply states "merged from article x" in the edit summary, but doesn't place the {{copied}} on the talk page, would that be OK? --Lemongirl942 (talk) 18:32, 21 October 2016 (UTC)
Hi. @Lemongirl942: The {{copied}} template should be placed on the talk page of the target article after the merge. Although not a strict requirement (as long as the edit summary of the merge contains a link back to the old source article), it helps others find original contributions quickly if they wish to. Regards, GenQuest "Talk to Me" 19:18, 21 October 2016 (UTC)
Thank you. I almost always place it on the talk pages as it makes it easier to find the merge. I was just wondering if we should encourage others to do it as well. --Lemongirl942 (talk) 21:16, 1 November 2016 (UTC)
Always, but now I've gotten to wonder if maybe a bot could do that kind of work? GenQuest "Talk to Me" 21:22, 1 November 2016 (UTC)
I used to do it, but finding all the diffs was so time consuming that I stopped. If you get it automated in some way then I will probably start adding them again. AIRcorn (talk) 21:33, 1 November 2016 (UTC)
But you don't really need the diffs. The template works with just the article names and the date of the merge (which is almost always enough to track down the actual edit). NewYorkActuary (talk) 21:38, 1 November 2016 (UTC)