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Change all mentions of "the WWE" to "WWE." (see [1])
Change all mentions of WWE before May 6, 2002 to "WWF" or "the WWF", including championships and pay-per-views.
Change all mentions of WWE before March 1979 to "the WWWF", including championships and shows.
Change all mentions of Juggalo Championship Wrestling before July 2007 to Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. (see [2])
Change "Total Nonstop Action" to "Total Nonstop Action Wrestling", especially in championships and accomplishments. Titles won in TNA should not be listed under NWA, since the categorization refers to the company they were won in, not the governing bodies. (see [3])
Change "Category:Professional wrestlers" to "Category:American(/British/Mexican etc.) professional wrestlers" where appropriate.
Change "RAW" to "Raw" when in text and not title, per context rule by
Change PPV names to not be italicized.
Change Brand names to be italicized only when in reference to the television show and not the Brand itself.
Change to not have wrestling maneuvers (nouns) used as verbs (eg. Avoid "He RKO'd him." Instead use "He performed an RKO on him."), with the exception of maneuvers containing actual verbs. (eg. spear, superkick, powerbomb)

Misc. Projects:

Merging trivia and personal life sections into the main bodies of articles. Also, sourcing trivia and deleting un-notable entries (see [4]/[5])
Specify "Other titles" in championship sections (see [6])


Add Template:Infobox professional wrestler to wrestler bio pages that don't have it
Add Template:Infobox pro wrestling championship to championship article that don't have it
Add Template:Infobox Wrestling team to tag team and stable articles that don't have it. Consider converting "profile" sections into infoboxes. (see [7], [8])
If not much information is available use Paulley's bio profile model in wrestler bios
Add the {{Pro-wrestling}} template to the talk pages of wrestling articles, and any article edited as part of this project
If the page needs expanding because it is a stub, please add {{prowrestling-stub}} or {{prowrestling-bio-stub}} to the article where appropriate.
Add sources to bios so they are in line with the standards for bios of living persons (see [9])

Pro Wrestling Collaboration of the Week:

Articles up for deletion: For a listing of wrestling-related articles nominated for afd, see here. (see [10], [11])

Articles proposed for deletion: (see: [12], [13])
Categories up for deletion:
Images up for deletion:

Articles to cleanup: (see [14])

Copy editing: Format professional wrestling articles according to the style guide. (see [15])

Articles to create: For a listing of requested wrestling-related articles, see here.

Articles to recreate: For a listing of wrestling-related articles deleted by afd or prod, see here. Reckless Youth, Jason Broyles (E.Z. Money), Quinson Valentino (see [16], [17])

Articles to expand: Please see Category:Professional wrestling stubs and Category:Professional wrestling biography stubs for full list.

Articles to merge: Elimination Chamber & Hell in a Cell to List of professional wrestling match types, King of the Mountain match to Ladder match

Articles to watch: Chris Benoit, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, Heel (professional wrestling), Adam Copeland, Dave Bautista, Eve Torres, Warrior (wrestler) (see [18])

Proposed moves:

Locating and rewriting articles: There are many articles like this floating about Wikipedia that read "Pro wrestler. now dead. won title once". Clean them up, add the correct categories and stub them (when needed). (see: [19], [20])

Correcting links: Articles look better with footnotes as opposed to embedded citations. Try to convert the later to the former.

Photo requests Many wrestling articles need a photo to improve their quality. A list can be found here: Needed Pro Wrestling Photos and here: Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of professional wrestling performers. A list of pro wrestling images in the public domain is available here:

Verify: King Kong (Emile Czaja), Christopher Daniels, Danny Doring and Roadkill (see [21], [22])

Wikify: (see [23])

See also: Cleanup listing for WikiProject Professional wrestling