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WikiProject Sociology (Rated Project-class, High-importance)
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Article assessment discussion beginning 06:21, 27 July 2006 (UTC)


Per the request for a reassessment of importance of this article I feel it should remain Mid. Jvbishop 19:27, 30 March 2007 (UTC) pourquoi les jeunes immigrent ils? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 12:03, 8 February 2009 (UTC)

2011 Indian anti-corruption movement[edit]

Nominated for A Class on the article's talk page. Biglulu (talk) 08:41, 20 March 2012 (UTC)

Ethnic Enclaves[edit]

As a part of a class assignment, Rbm7 and Michelle Rice propose to revise the page Ethnic enclave under it's section specifying ethnic enclaves in the United States. The page itself is in need of much revision and so we invite you to join us in the improvement of the various sections on this page. We are focusing on the section entitled Ethnic enclaves in the United States because most of the sources we plan to use are based on research and data collected in the United States. Our revision would address assimilation, mobility, modes of incorporation (economic, social/civil, and political) and the enclave debate. We plan to incorporate scholarly research from well-known Sociologists involved in this discourse, including Alejandro Portes, Douglas Massey, Cecilia Menjivar, George Borjas and Ruben Rumbaut. Our contribution will be abundant in theory and provide a comprehensive explanation of what scholars have already found on this topic. Our contribution will not include any new data or suggestions and will remain unbiased to our best ability. Our objective, being to improve the quality of this article and Wikipedia scholarly articles in general, implies that we are open to suggestions and comments. The current information available on Wikipedia related to ethnic enclaves in the US is scarce and poorly informed, so through these revisions, we hope to offer more well informed, easy to understand information on the topic. Ethnic enclaves impact varying and diverse aspects of their surroundings, and as such deserve the focus and attention of this article. By connecting issues such as assimilation, mobility and modes of incorporation we hope to convey the importance of and complicated nature of ethnic enclaves. For a more detailed summary of our proposed contribution please refer to the Ethnic enclave talk tab. Please check back with the page as we will be starting edits shortly. (Michelle Rice) 05:49, 03 October 2012

After Assessment?[edit]

Before working on the backlog of unassessed articles, I'm wondering what happens next. Are "High Importance" but "C level" articles worked on before "Low Importance" articles? What is the effect of assessment in what articles get attention? Or is it basically a rating system? (talk) 20:35, 30 July 2013 (UTC)