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Here are some tasks you can do to help with WikiProject Western Australia:

Vital articles: 100 Most Influential Western Australians is a possible starting point
Requested articles: Margaret Wylie • John Thomson (Australian businessman) • Tourism in Western Australia (see: Tourism in Sydney, Tourism in Melbourne, Tourism in Brisbane) • Energy in Western Australia • Nicholson, Western Australia • South Western Advertiser (see Trove page) • Robin Sarah Greenburg (see Crimenet page) James Hine (1848-1928, architect of Trinity Arcade [1])  • Perth Gas Company  • J. & E. Ledger (engineering works)
Missing topics: Plantae Preissianae • Piotr Rutkowski • The Pilbarra Goldfield News • Arthur Jenkins (Australian politician) • Beacon Island (Houtman Abrolhos) • See missing topics report for more
Seeking sources: William Harris (Australian civil rights leader) • Michael Kailis
Expansion needed: Busselton, Western Australia • David Parker • Economy of Western Australia • May Gibbs • Bill Hassell • May Holman • Barry MacKinnon • Ross McLarty • New Norcia, Western Australia • PGA • Pilbara historical timeline • Whadjuk • List of WA waterfalls • tourism sections needed in Western Australia • Thomas Hughes (Australian politician) - needs expansion from cultural sources
Requested images: Requested photographs in Western Australia • Requested photographs in Perth
Article cleanup: See Cleanup listing
Popular pages: See Popular pages listing (related changes) – improvements to (or vandalism of) these articles will impact a larger number of readers
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Proclamation Day and Labour Day public holidays[edit]

Western Australians with a better knowledge of history than me are invited to add a sentence to Proclamation Day#Western Australia explaining why Labour Day is now held in March in WA when it apparently replaced Proclamation Day in October, and originally they were both the same date. Mitch Ames (talk) 10:56, 22 October 2017 (UTC)

The Historical Encyclopedia of WA is perhaps helpful:

Foundation Day 1 June 1829 is celebrated in WA... first Monday in June (p.385)
Proclamation Day 21 October 1890.. was a public holiday for a time.. but later became merged with Labour Day, and subsequently date shifted from October. (p.725) - no reason or details given JarrahTree 11:22, 22 October 2017 (UTC)
Queens Birthday last Monday of September(1st Monday of school holidays) instead of June(conflict Foundation day) its been a mess for a while "INDUSTRIAL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS". The West Australian. XLV, (8,529). Western Australia. 21 October 1929. p. 13. Retrieved 22 October 2017 – via National Library of Australia.  Gnangarra 12:02, 22 October 2017 (UTC)
Foundation day now Western Australia Day started in 1908 Gnangarra 12:34, 22 October 2017 (UTC)

I must stop reading Trove canning dam 1911 side tracked form public holidays Gnangarra 13:18, 22 October 2017 (UTC)

[2] (Feb 1922) explicitly says "Labour Day (May 1st) becomes a Bank and public service holiday, in place of Proclamation Day (October 26)", and [3] (March 1922) says "an amendment to Public Public Holidays, substituting 1st May for Proclamation Day". By 1929 [4] it appears that "June 3, a public holiday, which is observed in this State jointly as the King's birthday and Proclamation Day". Mitch Ames (talk) 13:26, 22 October 2017 (UTC)
1931 - separate days a week apart desire to draw the attention of your Government to -the confusion . arising in regard to the observation of ^Foundation Fix this textDay and the King's Birthday holidays. "SUCCESSION OF HOLIDAYS". The West Australian. XLVII, (9,050). Western Australia. 27 June 1931. p. 14. Retrieved 23 October 2017 – via National Library of Australia.  Gnangarra 13:31, 22 October 2017 (UTC)

City definitions[edit]

oh what a tangled web gets weaved, in searching for a WA government definition of what is a city I stumbled into$file/1574-Geographic-names-policies.pdf enjoy Gnangarra 12:21, 3 November 2017 (UTC)

Perth Stadium[edit]

Open day, 21 January 2018 I have approached the stadium to get access but just in tickets to view the stadium are being made available on thursday at 8am if anyone is able to book a session Gnangarra 03:26, 6 November 2017 (UTC)

  • reminder 9am tomorrow Gnangarra 12:47, 8 November 2017 (UTC)
I have some tickets - anyone interested please contact JarrahTree 01:40, 10 November 2017 (UTC)

Mary Raine[edit]

I've finally got around to starting work on an article for Mary Raine - it's currently in my sandbox. If anyone knows of any other good online references, including specific Trove newspaper articles, feel free to add them to the bottom of the page. Mitch Ames (talk) 14:09, 8 November 2017 (UTC)

It still needs some work, but it's now at Mary Raine. Mitch Ames (talk) 13:38, 12 November 2017 (UTC)
My thanks to Evad37 and JarrahTree for help with Mary Raine, and creating related articles. Mitch Ames (talk) 13:29, 15 November 2017 (UTC)
Plus she now has a reasonable amount of data at Mary Raine (Q43013936) (View with Reasonator Reasonator) on Wikidata - Evad37 [talk] 14:02, 15 November 2017 (UTC)

@Mitch Ames: Another source:

(direct link to PDF) - Evad37 [talk] 15:20, 23 November 2017 (UTC)

Padbury Buildings[edit]

WA editors are invited to comment at Talk:Padbury Buildings#Suitability as an article. Mitch Ames (talk) 02:19, 18 November 2017 (UTC)

If they want - moved on considerably since this post - quite suitable - and also Walter Padbury as well as a range of a lot of offshoot articles likely. JarrahTree 04:42, 18 November 2017 (UTC)

Midland line boxes[edit]

Has anyone noticed the preceeding / following station boxes on the Midland line stations pages (here, here, here and here for example) have errors. Specifically, Redcliffe appears as the termini (in place of Midland), as the following station, and in Redcliffe as the preceeding station?

I've looked at (but not touched) the S-line templates but it's all beyond me. Apologies if this is the wrong page to post this.Rund717 (talk) 00:00, 9 December 2017 (UTC)

@Rund717: Two recent edits to Template:Transperth stations by Sandstorm6299 broke the logic in that template. I've fixed it now (pages might require a WP:PURGE to update) - Evad37 [talk] 00:20, 9 December 2017 (UTC)
This edit by LittleWink (which I just fixed) might have similarly caused problems; if so, the article pages just need to be purged again. - Evad37 [talk] 16:43, 9 December 2017 (UTC)