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Untrue essay because WP is organized with 2,000 WikiProjects[edit]

This essay, while read 20 times per day for years, is just not true now, and has been untrue for several years. Specifically, there are numerous areas of Wikipedia which are writing articles in an organized fashion:

  • There have been 2,000 WP:WikiProjects, which each tried to organize and add articles as relevant to their subjects.
  • The WP:BACKLOG navbox shows that there are numerous organized lists of categories of changes to be made to articles, templates, and images.
  • There have been numerous editing drives, such as the WP:GOCE backlog-elimination drives (held every 2 months, for years) to quickly copy-edit thousands of articles which would have been left unimproved, especially since hundreds are read less than a few times per day.
  • There have been efforts to create many articles to match various other encyclopedias in organization of topics.

Those are enough examples to totally refute the essay's false, and utterly misleading, premise that Wikipedia, somehow, is being written at random with no "organized fashion" to guide the efforts. The essay might have said, instead, Wikipedia is being written by a over-arching secret cabal which is organized to present information in specific, censored ways, as that claim would also be utterly untrue. An essay can state opinions, but it cannot state patent nonsense and allowed to be promoted in an essay-navbox. Hence, I am removing the essay from Template:Essays_on_building_Wikipedia, in section "Construction". -Wikid77 (talk) 07:04, 22 May 2012 (UTC)

It depends on your point of view and what you define "organized" to mean. When I've talked to many family and friends who do not edit Wikipedia, they first assumed I get assigned articles to write/improve and think of Wikipedia editing as some kind of planned economy, and my interpretation of this essay is to refute a misconception along those lines. Yes, there are plenty of WikiProjects and other processes but they do not dictate who edits what and most articles are created independently of them, with the editor deciding for themselves what to contribute to, meaning the encyclopedia is being built in what at least can be called an "uneven" fashion.
I've restored this essay to the template, since if this essay shouldn't exist, it should be sent to WP:MFD. If it should be improved, it should be linked from the template so others can improve it. Cutting off access isn't very useful. CT Cooper · talk 21:12, 13 September 2012 (UTC)