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Wil, shot at the ChannelFlip offices in London, September 2012

Wil Harris (born 20 September 1982[1]) is a British entrepreneur based in London.

Since 2017, he has been the Co-Founder and CEO of Entale Media, a podcasting platform backed by Founders Factory.[2]

He was formerly Head of Digital for Condé Nast UK.[3]

In 2007 he founded, with Justin Gayner, the YouTube Multi-Channel Network ChannelFlip.[4]

He is the former editor in chief of the bit-tech enthusiast website.[5]

He has appeared on podcasts including This Week in Tech, the technology podcast,[6] and has written for BBC News Online, The Inquirer[7] and The Register.[8]

Harris holds a degree in Law from the University of Oxford.


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