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Wil Malone (born 1940, in Hornsey, North London)[1] is a British music producer and arranger, who has worked with artists including Black Sabbath,[2] Iron Maiden,[3] Todd Rundgren, The Verve, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and Italian rocker Gianna Nannini. In 1976, Malone and Lou Reizner covered a Beatles song, "You Never Give Me Your Money", for the musical documentary All This and World War II.

Malone released an eponymous solo album in 1970 and another called Motherlight and composed the score for the cult horror film Death Line in 1972.

In 2016, Malone was contacted by Swedish musician Mikael Åkerfeldt[4] to arrange strings on Opeth's 12th album, Sorceress.


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