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Wil McCarthy
Born (1966-09-16) September 16, 1966 (age 51)
Princeton, New Jersey
Occupation President, RavenBrick LLC
Language English
Nationality American
Genre Science fiction
Subject Science and technology

Wil McCarthy (born September 16, 1966 in Princeton, New Jersey) is a science fiction novelist, president and co-founder of RavenBrick (a solar technology company),[1] and the science columnist for Syfy. He currently resides in Colorado.[2]

Wil McCarthy popularized the concept of programmable matter, which he calls wellstone.




The Waisters[edit]

The Queendom of Sol[edit]

Short works[edit]

  • "Amerikano Hiaika", Aboriginal SF, May/June 1991.
  • "Dirtyside Down", Universe 3, 1994.
  • "The Dream of Houses", Analog, November 1995. Locus recommended reading list.
  • "The Dream of Castles", Analog, April 1997.
  • "The Dream of Nations", Analog, October 1998. Locus recommended reading list.
  • "Once Upon a Matter Crushed", Science Fiction Age, May 1999. Theodore Sturgeon Award Nominee. Locus recommended reading list. Became the first portion of The Collapsium.
  • "No Job Too Small", Aboriginal SF, Spring 2001.
  • "Pavement Birds", Analog, July/August 2002.
  • "Garbage Day", Analog, December 2002. Became part of The Wellstone.

Radio plays[edit]



Radio appearances[edit]


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