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Wil Schroter is a serial entrepreneur who has started 9 companies since 1994 and sold 4 of them to date.[1][2] He is currently the CEO and founder of Startups.co, the world's largest startup launch platform.


Wil founded his first company, Blue Diesel, as a 19-year-old student at the Ohio State University.[3] Three years later, he merged Blue Diesel with inChord Communications where, as CEO and Board Member, he helped grow the company to over $700 million in capitalized billings within 5 years.[4] In 2003, the company was purchased and renamed inVentiv, which now generates over $2.5 billion in annual revenue and employs 15,000 professionals worldwide. The company was most recently valued at $3.8 billion.[5]

Following the sale of Blue Diesel, Wil founded Virtucon Ventures, an idea-stage incubator for Web startups. There he helped conceive and launch a number of well known companies including Swapalease.com, Unsubscribe.com (sold to TrustedID), Startups.co, and Fundable.com. Virtucon's portfolio of companies has attracted more than a dozen prominent venture funds, including Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Founders Fund, Bessemer Ventures, and Charles River Ventures.[1]

In 2012, Wil founded Startups.co, the world's largest startup launch platform. It has since been used by over 1 million startup companies globally. Since then, Startups.co has helped startups raise over $500 million in funding commitments, attracts 20 million early customers, has hosted over 500,000 product launches, and attracted over 10 million visitors per year.[6] The company is based in Columbus, Ohio and employs over 150 full-time staff.

The Startups.co platform consists of 6 related products that help entrepreneurs through the entire startup journey

  • Startups.co (education) features lessons from founders including Elon Musk (Tesla), Brian Chesky (AirBnB), and Daniel Ek (Spotify).
  • Fundable.com (equity fundraising) has helped startups raise over $500 million in capital commitments.
  • Launchrock.com (early customer acquisition) has assisted startups in adding 20 million early customers.
  • Clarity.fm (export mentorship) provides startups with access to 10,000 mentors, including Mark Cuban.
  • Bizplan.com (business planning) is used for compiling and presenting business plans.
  • Zirtual.com (virtual staff) adds a virtual team member to startup companies.


Wil has contributed to columns that have been nationally syndicated in business newspapers across 40 major markets, and he is a frequent columnist for Forbes,[7] Entrepreneur,[8] and The Wall Street Journal.[9]


Wil's awards for entrepreneurship and business achievements are numerous and include being named Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Association and Business First's Top 40 Under 40.[3]


Wil has authored and published 8 books centering around startups and fundraising. They are:


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