Wilberforce Falls

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Wilberforce Falls
Wilberforce Falls 1998-07-11.jpg
The falls
Location Wilberforce Gorge, Hood River, Nunavut, Canada
Coordinates 67°05′46″N 108°47′55″W / 67.096°N 108.7987°W / 67.096; -108.7987Coordinates: 67°05′46″N 108°47′55″W / 67.096°N 108.7987°W / 67.096; -108.7987
Total height 60 metres (197 feet)

Wilberforce Falls is an almost 60 m (197 feet) tall waterfall located in the Wilberforce Gorge of the Hood River in Nunavut, Canada. The falls is one of the few major waterfalls in the world north of the Arctic Circle.[1] The falls were named for William Wilberforce, an English politician and leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade.[2]


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