Wilbur Snapp

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Wilbur Snapp
Wilbur Snapp sitting at his organ in Jack Russell Stadium
Wilbur Snapp in 1985
Background information
Born (1920-08-05)August 5, 1920
Champaign County, Ohio
Died September 6, 2003(2003-09-06) (aged 83)
South Pasadena, Florida
Instruments Organ

Wilbur Snapp (August 5, 1920 – September 6, 2003) was a self-taught American musician who played the organ for the Clearwater Phillies, a minor-league baseball team, and for the Philadelphia Phillies in spring training, over a period of 20 years.

Snapp served in the Army Air Forces in World War II; he married his wife Janice in 1942. Despite being unable to read sheet music, Snapp taught himself to play the organ at age 35;[1] upon his retirement from operating a music store in Ohio, he moved to Florida and became a ballpark organist for the Clearwater Phillies.[2]

On June 26, 1985 he was ejected from a game at the Jack Russell Stadium for playing "Three Blind Mice" in response to what he thought was a bad call from the umpire, Kevin O'Connor.[3] The umpire pointed up to Snapp, who was sitting at his organ behind first base, then thumbed him out of the game.[1]


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