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Wilcox County High School is a high school in Rochelle, Georgia, United States. It is a part of Wilcox County Schools and serves Wilcox County.

In 2013 the school had 400 students.[1]

Student culture[edit]

Historically, students organized separate parties classified as proms; black and white students attended separate parent-organized proms which were not organized by the school administration.[1] In 2012, a black student from the school was voted the Homecoming Queen; however, she did not purchase a ticket to the homecoming dance, but felt that she had been insulted because she was still expected to pay to participate in the privately funded dance.[2] In 2013, students organized the first private racially integrated prom,[1] and the school district announced that it would consider holding a school-sponsored integrated prom in 2014.[3] The first school-organized prom was held in 2014, and the school has held a prom each year since.[4]

Notable alumni[edit]


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