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Wild, wild or wild may refer to:

Common meanings[edit]

Art, media and entertainment[edit]

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Concerts and tours[edit]

  • The Wild Tour, 1995–1997 Red Hot Chili Peppers concert tour
  • Walk In Lay Down (WILD), a biannual concert event at Washington University in St. Louis

Video games[edit]



  • Wild (river), a small stream in Germany and The Netherlands
  • Wild Center, a natural history center in Tupper Lake, New York
  • Wild Lake, a lake near Idrija in western Slovenia
  • The Wilds, a wildlife conservation center in Muskingum County, Ohio

Radio stations[edit]

  • WILD (AM), an AM station in the Boston radio market
  • WILD-FM, the former callsign of an FM station in the Boston radio market, now WKAF
  • WiLD 94.9 (KYLD), an FM station in San Francisco
  • WLLD, a station in Tampa–St. Petersburg branded WiLD 94.1
  • DXWT, popularly known as Wild FM, a radio station in the Philippines

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