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WildSnake SNES.jpg
Cover of WildSnake for SNES
Developer(s) Game Boy: Bullet-Proof Software
SNES: Manley & Associates
Platform(s) Game Boy, SNES
Release SNES
  • NA: September 1994
  • JP: December 16, 1994
Game Boy
  • NA: September 1994
  • JP: December 20, 1994
Genre(s) Puzzle

WildSnake, known as Super Snakey (スーパー・スネーキー) in Japan, is a puzzle video game inspired by Tetris. Snakes of varying colors and lengths fall from the top of the screen and slither to the bottom. The goal is to clear out the snakes by touching two of the same color. WildSnake was designed by Alexey Lysogorov and presented by Alexey Pajitnov.[1]


When two snakes of the same color touches they disappear. Sometimes a flashing WildSnake will appear and destroy every snake of the same color it touches. There are also rare uncontrollable gray snakes that destroy everything they touch.[2]

The game include 4 backgrounds and 7 grid types and 2 player mode.[3]


Reviewing the Game Boy version, GamePro commented that "WildSnake clones the Tetris concept and adds a nifty graphic twist." They particularly praised the multiple gameplay modes and the way the snakes loop and twist to fill open spaces at the bottom of the playing field.[4] They gave the Super NES version a positive reviewing as well, citing the same reasons, though they did remark that the snakes and their patterns are somewhat too small in this version.[5]


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