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Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out
Also known as Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out
Genre Comedy
Created by Nick Cannon
Starring Nick Cannon and others
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes 67
Executive producer(s)
  • Candida Boyette Clemons
  • Michael Goldman
  • Nick Cannon
  • Paul Ricci
Running time 22 to 24 minutes
Production company(s) Mr. Renassiance Entertainment
(Seasons 1-4)
NCredible Entertainment
(Season 5-)
Original channel MTV
(Seasons 1-4)
(Season 5-)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
(Seasons 1-4)
1080i (HDTV)
(Season 5-)
Original release July 28, 2005 (2005-07-28) – present
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out is an American sketch comedy and improv television series that was created and hosted by comedian Nick Cannon.[1] It debuted on July 28, 2005, on MTV and concluded in Summer 2007.

In November 2012, MTV2 announced that the series would be returning in 2013 after a six-year hiatus. The series will follow Cannon as he searches high and low for the newest upcoming comedy stars, along with bringing back familiar faces from previous seasons of the series. It will also feature the show's original cast.[2][3] The premiere episode of season five5 had 1.1 million total viewers, making it the highest-rated telecast in MTV2 history.[4]

In November 2014, Wild 'n Out was renewed for a seventh season by MTV2.


Similar in premise to shows such as Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the series puts two teams of comedians against each other in a series of Wild 'n Out games which are all basically "improvisational" comedy games. The Teams are the "Red Squad", which was the team name until Season 5 where they became the "Platinum Squad" and were permanently Captained by Cannon and the "Black Squad", led by a celebrity guest until Season 7 where the situation was reversed with Cannon becoming the new permanent Black Squad team captain and the celebrity guest leading the Platinum Squad.

After three such games, the two teams square off against each other in the final round of the game called 'WildStyle', in which they must deliver a punchline directed at their opponent's team member(s) within a freestyle rap. The comedians "beef" with each other; however, some are impersonal jokes (such as many jokes directed at Cannon for his marriage to, and subsuquent divorce from, singer Mariah Carey). Although similar to Whose Line, the "points don't matter", the teams score one point per round victory during the normal rounds, plus one point per favorably judged punchline during 'Wild Style'.

Each episode also includes a musical performance, occasionally by the guest captain for the Black Squad. At times, the musical guest comes out just before 'Wild Style' as the judge for the beefs. Major changes were implemented for the second season including shifting the show location to Hollywood and the teams now compete for a "Wild 'n Out" Championship belt which if the Black Squad wins, the team captain gets to take home. As of Season 5, the show once again shifted locations from Hollywood to New York City.


Seasons one through four can be seen in repeats on both MTV and MTV2, usually for overnight fill-ins. Beginning with season five, the show is now being filmed from New York City. Additionally, two episodes of the show were produced specifically for Spring Break in Cancún, Mexico. These episodes also air on MTV and MTV2. The fourth season, which premiered on June 7, 2007, was broadcast along Cannon's other MTV program, Short Circuitz, as part of the Nick Cannon Power Hour.



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Broadcast history[edit]

Season 1[edit]

No. Team Captain Writer Performer/Guest Original airdate No. in total
1 "Orlando Jones" Nick Cannon Cassidy/Biz Markie July 28, 2005 1
The first episode sets up the whole season. The start off the show by playing “The Questions Game” from where the Black and Red team can only ask each other questions. Orlando Jones comes up with a funny question, “Did Yo Mamma tell you?”, and wins it for the Black Team. The second game they play is “Tore up from the Floor Up”. They bring people out of the audience that they think look funny and make fun of them. During this game Robert Hoffman strips nearly all the way down, leaving his underwear and his long, white, grey-on-the-tip socks. Robert Hoffman seems to love being in his socks, and leaves his shoes off for a while. Hoffman's team wins that round. The 3rd game is a game called “I’m On the List!”, wherein the Black Team and the Red Team have to act out celebrity personalities and the team captains have to figure out who the impression is of, then let that "celebrity" into the club. The Red Team wins the 3rd game. And the last game is called “Wild Style”. The cast has to go head to head free styling each other and making punch lines. Who ever is the funniest wins the whole game. The Red Team Wins the whole thing! Cassidy comes through and plays "I'm A Hustla" from his album 'I'm A Hustla"
2 "Christina Milian" Nick Cannon Common August 4, 2005 2
Nick Cannon on the Red Team, goes against Christina Millian on the Black Team to see who can win. Christina Millian tries to take Nick Cannon's comedy crown. They play "Talkin' Spit", "The Interrogation Game", "R&Beef" and "Wild Style" like they do at the end of the show every night. Nick Cannon's Red Team wins at the end of the show. Common Performs "Go" from his album BE and break dances on the floor with Affion Crockett, one of the stars off "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N' Out".
3 "Ying Yang Twins" Nick Cannon Ying Yang Twins August 11, 2005 3
In this episode the Ying Yang Twins are the captain of the Black Team. In the first game called “Got Props?” the team members get a prop and use them to do funny things. The Black Team wins that round. In the next round called “Star Sightings” the two teams have to go out in the audience and find people that look like celebrities, but do it in a funny way. The Red Team wins that round. Up next is funny game called “That's My Dog”, 1 person from each team has to be a dog, they only can bark and act out things, but they can’t speak. And the other person from each team has to find out what the dog is saying. The Black Team wins that game. In the last round called “Wild Style”, the teams go head to head and do funny punch lines. The Red team wins that round, so that means they win the whole thing. Afterwards the Ying Yang Twins perform their hit song “Wait (The Whisper Song)” from their CD USA (United States of Atlanta).
4 "Kanye West" Nick Cannon Kanye West/Tracee Ellis Ross August 18, 2005 4
This week's episode is with Kanye West, he is the captain of the Black Team. The first game is called “Tore up from the Floor Up”, the team mates go out into the audience and get people that they think looks funny and sends them on stage and make punch lines about them. The Black Team wins that round. Next up is a game called “The Hating Game”, it's like the dating game but the woman picks the guy that she hates the most by their lines. Tracee Ross plays the lady that pick between two guys that she hates the most. The Red Team wins that one. In this round they play a game called the “Unhappily Ever After” game, the audience comes up with a story that the cast comes up with that doesn’t end “Happily Ever After”. The Red Team wins that. In the “Wildstyle” round Kanye West and Nick Cannon's team goes against each other making punch lines as they go along. Kanye's Black Team wins the whole thing. At the end Kanye hypes the crowd with a song from his “Late Registration” album called “Diamonds of Sierra Leone”.
5 "Eva Pigford" Nick Cannon T.I. & P$C August 25, 2005 5
This time the Black Team captain is Eva Pigford. She was along her protege Chynna Terrell. In the first game “Snap on the Shots”, the team members off each team make jokes of pictures that come up on a screen: if it's funny, they get a ding; if it's not they get a buzzer. The Black Team wins that round. The 2nd game 1 person from each team has to sit in a chair and put water in his or her mouth, one of the people from each team and has to say something funny so that the other person can spit the water out of their mouth and win a point. The Red Team takes that round. The 3rd game is “60 Second Sequel” where the audience screams out a movie so that the team members can make a sequel to it. If the audience screams loud for a team that team wins. The Red team wins that round. In the last round “Wildstyle” the two teams go head to head making punch lines; the Red Team wins the last round. At the end T.I. and P$C perform "Set It Out".
6 "Kenan Thompson" Nick Cannon Pussycat Dolls September 1, 2005 6
This episode Kenan Thompson comes through and is the captain of the Black Team. In the 1st game “World's Worst” the team members have to do a skit and make fun of things that a person can do the worst of. The Red Team wins that round. The next game is called “Star Sightings”: the two teams go out and find people in the audience that look like stars. In the 3rd game called “Unhappily Ever After”, the team members make a skit of stories that end happily ever after, but the team has to make their ending unhappy and funny. The Red Team wins. In the last game “Wildstyle” they go against each other making funny punch lines. The Red Team wins it all. At the end the Pussycat Dolls perform their hit single “Don’t Cha”.
7 "Fonzworth Bentley" Nick Cannon Trillville/Vanessa Minnillo September 8, 2005 7
In this episode Farnsworth Bentley is the captain of the Black Team. In the first game called “Got Props?” the Wild N’ Out members have to do something funny with the props that are given to them. The Black Team takes that round. In the next game “Tore up from the Floor Up” the cast goes out and finds people they think are funny and send them on stage to make fun of them and how they are dressed. The Black Team wins that one. TRL’S host Vanessa Minnillo selects the Red Team as she plays the game “The Hating Game”; the Red Team wins that round. In the last round “Wildstyle” the Black Team wins overall. After the show Trillville plays a hit song from their album Some Cut.
8 "Omarion" Nick Cannon Lil Wayne September 15, 2005 8
In the 8th episode Omarion is the captain of the Black Team. In the first game “World's Worst” the members do things that people can be the worst at; the Red Team wins the 1st round. In the 2nd round they play a game called “Do Dat Dance”. DJ D-Wrek has to come up with a new dance move and the cast has to create it. The Red Team wins again. In the next game called “Deaf Jam” they have to play out a song without saying any words, and their teammate has to figure it out. The Red Team wins this round too. In the last game “Wildstyle” everyone pitches in and goes against others. The Black team wins overall. Lil’ Wayne performs "Earthquake" after the show.
9 "Kevin Hart" Nick Cannon David Banner September 22, 2005 9
Kevin Hart joins his black team crew in a game called "That's My Dog". That's where one teammate has to be a dog and the other has to be a person who tries to figure out what the person is saying. The Black Team wins that round. The next round DJ D-Wrek explains "The Questions Game" where a Red teammate and a Black teammate have to keep asking questions, and if one teammate doesn't know a question to ask the other team wins the point. The Red Team wins the round. In the next game "60 Second Sequel" both of the teams are giving a movie to make a sequel to. The Black Team wins that round. In the last round "WildStyle", at the end the black team wins. David Banner gets the crowd hyped with a song.
10 "Method Man" Nick Cannon Lil Scrappy September 29, 2005 10
Method Man comes through, captain of the Black Team. They start it off playing the game "You Can't Say That Shit" were you can say bad things but not make it obvious you are saying it. The Black Team wins that. The next game they play is called "Star Sighting" where the person has to find an audience member that looks like a celebrity. The Black Team wins. Next up is the "R&Beef Game"; you have to sings songs that are really funny. The Black Team wins that one. At the end they play the "WildStyle" game. The Red Team wins the whole thing. Lil' Scrappy then performs "No Problem".

Season 2[edit]

The second season contains a total of 10 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from February 2, 2006 to April 6, 2006.

Season 3[edit]

The third season contains a total of 8 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from August 10, 2006 to October 5, 2006.

Spring Break[edit]

There were also 2 episodes that were broadcast between season 3 and season 4 titled Spring Break.

Season 4[edit]

The fourth season contains a total of 20 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from May 12, 2007 to September 6, 2007.

There was also a reunion episode to show the funniest moments of the show. It aired on May 23, 2010.

Season 5[edit]

The fifth season contains a total of 12 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from July 9, 2013, to September 24, 2013.[6]

Season 6[edit]

In 2014, Wild 'N Out was renewed for a sixth season.[7] The 1st half of the sixth season contains a total of 10 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from July 2 to September 3, 2014. The 2nd half contains a total of 6 episodes that aired from January 7 to February 4, 2015.

Season 7[edit]

The 1st half of the seventh season contains a total of 12 episodes that were originally broadcast from June 10 to August 19, 2015. The 2nd half will begin airing in late 2015 or early 2016.


  • The only cast member besides Nick Cannon who appeared in all 7 seasons is DeRay Davis. Corey Holcomb is the second longest cast member, having been on the show from Season 2 onward.
  • Beginning with Season 5, the show now airs on MTV2, is now being filmed from New York City, and Nick Cannon's team was the Platinum Squad instead of the Red Squad of the first 4 seasons. But as of Season 7, he is leading the Black Team, which is also his first time leading.
  • As of 2015, Cannon's combined win-loss record on the show is 41-46 (he finished Season 1 with a 6-4 record, finished Season 2 with a 7-3 record, finished Season 3 with a 4-4 record, finished Season 4 with record of 9-10, finished Season 5 with a 3-9 record and finished Season 6 with a 8-8 record. He is currently 4-8 in Season 7.)
  • Broken down further, Cannon's record against male Black Squad team captains is 33-35 while he has a 7-11 record against female Black Squad team captains (Won against Christina Milian and Eva Pigford in Season 1, Kelly Rowland and Tyra Banks in Season 2 and lost to Brooke Hogan, Tara Reid, Serena Williams and Sommore and won against Paula DeAnda in Season 4, lost to Chanel West Coast in Season 5, lost to Skylar Diggins, Amber Rose and Chanel Iman, and won against Chrissy Teigen in Season 6 and lost to Zendaya and Jordin Sparks and won against Dej Loaf in Season 7). Additionally, all but Rowland, Banks, Iman, Zendaya, Dej Loaf and Sparks had scored individual points in the WildStyle.
  • The longest win streak in the series for Cannon and the Red Squad is 5 matches set in Season 2. After a 2-3 start to the season, Cannon and the Red Squad won the 5 remaining episodes of Season 2. The Black Squad team captain in those matches were, in episode order : Kelly Rowland, Mike Jones, Charlie Murphy, Wayne Brady and Mike Epps. The Black Squad had last won in the episode with Rev Run as the team captain. The streak was snapped in the Season 3 premiere with Big Boi from OutKast as the captain of the Black Squad. The longest win streak for the Black Squad is 7 matches, winning in the season 3 finale and the first 6 episodes of season 4. The Black Squad team captains during that streak were, in episode order: Talib Kweli, Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Lloyd, Steve-O, Fabolous and Brooke Hogan. The Red Team won the next episode with Redman as the Black Squad team captain.
  • The Championship Belt that became part of Season 2, which some could compare to a championship belt in professional wrestling, was similar in every episode with the exception of the Rev Run episode. In that episode, the belt looked like one that would normally be awarded in a boxing match (with a feather-like look to it; similar to the Rocky series). For the 4th Season, the belt has a new "spinner" faceplate (similar to the previous WWE Championship belt design). For Season 5, the belt has a brand new design, but not a spinner faceplate.
  • Warren Sapp is the first Black Squad captain to give the Comedy Championship Belt back after winning it in WildStyle.
  • Common, Mike Jones, Snoop Dogg, Fabolous, Ne-Yo, French Montana, Migos, Sage the Gemini, Yo Gotti and Rich Homie Quan are the only recording artists to perform multiple times on the show. For Common, the first time being in season 1 and the second time being in season 4. Mike Jones in season 2 and then in season 4. Snoop in seasons 4 and 7. Fabolous in season 4 and 7. For Ne-Yo, The first time being in season 2, the second time being in season 4 and the most recent time in Season 7. French Montana in season 5 and again in season 7. Migos performed first in season 6 and again in season 7. For Sage the Gemini, Yo Gotti and Rich Homie Quan, twice on Season 6.
  • The single highest individual point scorer in a round of WildStyle is Talib Kweli, who by himself scored 8 of his team's total points for the game in the WildStyle round (before WildStyle, Kweli's team was down 2-1). MGK came in second by scoring 6 of his team's total points in the WildStyle round (he came back from a 3-0 deficit to win 9-8). Kanye West came in third by scoring 6 points for his team in Season 1. (The Black Team ended up winning the game 6-9). On the DVD release of the show, on the bonus disc, there is an extended version of the WildStyle battle in which West actually scores more, edited for time. Additionally, West was the first WildStyle participant to score multiple points in one turn when he first delivered a verse that scored against Cannon, Rasika Mathur and Katt Williams in succession, then followed it up by scoring 3 more points against Leonard Robinson, Affion Crockett, and the entire Red Squad on a second turn to close the game. In the original extended version of the game (on the Best of WildStyle) West's 1st verse actually was directed towards Cannon, Mathur, Robinson and Williams in succession but the edit removed the comment directed at Robinson. Biz Markie is the first Red Squad cast member to get multi-points. He successfully scored against Swizz Beatz, Mikey Day & Taran Killam (simultaneously), and Rasika Mathur, but couldn't get a punchline towards Corey Holcomb.
  • Snoop Dogg, Lloyd, Fabolous and MGK are the most recent Black Squad team captains to score at least 4 consecutive points against Red/Platinum Squad in WildStyle, but only Fabolous and MGK did so by overcoming a deficit to win (Fabolous was down 5-2, but scored on Nick Cannon, Spanky Hayes, Shawty, and Affion Crockett in that order, coming back to win 6-5. MGK was down 3-0, but scored on Nick Cannon, the Platinum Squad twice, then on Karlous Miller & Timothy DeLaGhetto & Jacob Williams for one point, then once more scored on Karlous Miller before Rasika Mathur and Chaunté Wayans exchanged punchlines. MGK then scored on Nick Cannon once more with Mikey Day and Jacob Williams squaring off in a "White Boy Battle" to end the WildStyle with the Black Squad winning 9-8).
  • Katt Williams was on the Red Squad on every episode he appeared on in seasons 1-2 but this changed when he made his first Black team appearance in the Andy Milonakis episode of season 3 and was the captain of the Black Squad in the yet to be aired Season 4 finale. Rasika Mathur and Shawty were also mainly on the Red Squad. That changed when Mathur finally made her Black Squad debut in the Swizz Beatz episode and Shawty does the same in the Serena Williams episode.
  • Mikey Day was on the Black Squad in every episode of Season 3.
  • Season 4 had 20 episodes, the highest number of episodes ever for the show.
  • Season 4 had five female Black Squad team captains, the highest number out of any season (Season 1: 2, Season 2: 2, Season 3: none, Season 5: 1, Season 6: 4).
  • During the series' run, a number of the cast members appeared in every episode of the season.
    • Season 1: Affion Crockett, Mikey Day, Nyima Funk, Spanky Hayes, Darrel Heath, Rob Hoffman, Leonard Robinson
    • Season 2: Mikey Day, Corey Holcomb, Leonard Robinson
    • Season 3: Affion Crockett, Mikey Day, Nyima Funk, Spanky Hayes, Leonard Robinson
    • Season 4: Affion Crockett, Mikey Day, Spanky Hayes, Corey Holcomb, Leonard Robinson
    • Season 5: Conceited, Mikey Day, Corey Holcomb, Rasika Mathur, Karlous Miller
  • Omarion's appearance on the show in the first season was the first occurrence where the Black Squad won after being down 3-0. (The black team would win 6-5.). Fabolous would do it in Season 4 after being down 5-2. In Season 5, MGK would come back from a 3-0 deficit to win 9-8. In Season 6, the Platinum Squad came back from a 3-0 deficit to win 6-5 against the Black Squad in Peter Gunz's episode.
  • Brooke Hogan was the first teenage Black Team captain, being 19 at the time. Paula DeAnda was the second, as well as the youngest being 17 at the time. In Season 6, Austin Mahone was the first male teenage team captain and is tied with DeAnda as the youngest at 17.
  • Charlie Murphy is currently the oldest special guest to be on the show (he was born on July 12, 1959, making him 46 years old at the time of his appearance).
  • In the Omarion/Lil Wayne episode each team member on each team wore the same type of shoes (Adidas and this became apparent during the game Do Dat Dance).
  • Common was the first Black team captain to not participate in any challenges, and when Common prepares for his performance, Biz Markie took over as temporary team captain for the Black Squad. 2 Chainz almost followed suit until he participated only once in the third game of his episode titled "Let Me Holla". However, Zendaya followed suit in Season 7.
  • Kevin Hart is the first person to appear as the Black/Platinum Squad captain multiple times. Hart is also the first special guest to be on the Red/Platinum Squad after being captain of the Black Squad in a previous episode. Big Boi and Mike Epps followed suit in Season 5, Jim Jones did it in Season 6 and Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo did it in Season 7, but as co-captains of the Platinum Squad (Nick Cannon switched to the Black Squad this season).


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