Wild Africa Trek

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Wild Africa Trek
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Area Africa
Status Operating
Opening date January 16, 2011
General statistics
Attraction type Guided Tour
Designer Walt Disney Imagineering
Theme Safari
Duration 180
Height restriction 48 in (122 cm)

Wild Africa Trek is an additional paid experience at Disney's Animal Kingdom on the Walt Disney World Resort property in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

It is a three-hour guided trek simulating a bushwalk through the wilderness for the first half and traveling through the savanna on a VIP safari vehicle for the latter half.


In 2008, rumors of Disney’s Night Kingdom, a fifth theme park at Walt Disney World were abounding. The proposed addition was to be a “niche park”, limiting the number of guests and operating in the afternoon and evening. Disney’s Night Kingdom never became a reality but ideas for the park were implemented into the Wild Africa Trek.[1] The news of “guided treks” being done on the savannah of Kilimanjaro Safaris was first announced July 2010.[2] Construction of the rope bridges over crocodiles and safari camp in the savannah began October of the same year. However the first treks did not begin until January 2011.

The Tour[edit]

Excursion guides take guests through the fictional East African village of Harambe and explore various parts of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. The trek walks through a portion of the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and embarks unto unexplored forests areas. Guests experience up-close views of hippopotamuses and Nile crocodiles, as well as cross rope bridges right above the animals.

After exiting the forests, guests board a safari vehicle unlike the open-sided trucks of Kilimanjaro Safaris. The vehicle travels through the Serengeti Savanna making frequent pull offs to allow guests to stand up and view the animals. The vehicle makes a stop at the safari camp in the middle of the savannah known as the Boma where guests are given an African inspired snack.

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