Wild America (TV series)

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Wild America
Genre Documentary
Directed by Marty Stouffer
Presented by Marty Stouffer
Country of origin  United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 12
No. of episodes 120
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Marty Stouffer Productions
Original network PBS
Original release [1] 1982 – 1994
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Wild America is a documentary television series that focuses on the wild animals and wild lands of North America. By the mid-1970s, Marty Stouffer had put together several full-length documentaries that were licensed as prime time network television specials. At that time, he approached the programming managers at Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) about a half-hour-long wildlife series, the first to focus exclusively upon the flora and fauna of North America.[2] PBS signed for the rights to broadcast Marty Stouffer's series Wild America in 1981. The series went on to become one of the most popular aired by PBS, renowned for its unflinching portrayal of nature, as well as its extensive use of film techniques such as slow motion and close-ups. Stouffer earned as much as $250,000 per show from PBS.

The show's production ran from 1982 to 1994. The series is no longer on PBS; reruns still air in syndication on commercial television through much of the United States. In 1997, Warner Bros. released a full-length feature film entitled Wild America, which was based on the biographical story of Marty Stouffer and his brothers, Mark and Marshall.

Episode guide[edit]

The "Wild America" series contained a total of 120 half-hour episodes.[3]

# Episode Season
S1 E10 Wild Babies
S1 E9 Living with Wildlife
S1 E8 The Wolf and the Whitetail
S1 E7 Bighorn
S1 E6 At the Crossroads
S1 E5 Time of the Grizzly
S1 E4 Mountain Monarchs
S1 E3 Wild Dogs
S1 E2 Swamp Critters
S1 E1 Watching Wildlife
S2 E10 Backyard Wildlife
S2 E9 The Man Who Loved Bears Part 2
S2 E8 The Man Who Loved Bears Part 1
S2 E7 Wild Cats
S2 E6 Wild Wings
S2 E5 Antlered Kingdom
S2 E4 Hog Wild
S2 E3 Owls: Lords of Darkness
S2 E2 Born to Run
S2 E1 Animal Oddities
S3 E10 Photographing Wildlife
S3 E9 Fishers in the Family Part 2
S3 E8 Fishers in the Family Part 1
S3 E7 Wild Refuge
S3 E6 Fascinating Fishes
S3 E5 Wolverine Country
S3 E4 Canyon Creatures
S3 E3 Ringtailed Rascals
S3 E2 Feathered Jewels
S3 E1 All American Animals
S4 E10 Tracking Wildlife
S4 E9 Remarkable Reptiles
S4 E8 Controversial Coyote
S4 E7 Killer Mice
S4 E6 Cutthroat: Grizzly Creek
S4 E5 Cutthroat: Yellowstone River
S4 E4 Cutthroat: Yellowstone Lake
S4 E3 Designs for Defense
S4 E2 Woodpeckers: Nature's Hammerheads
S4 E1 North Woods Lynx
S5 E10 Growing Up Wild
S5 E9 Otters of the Adirondacks
S5 E8 The Grouse and the Goshawk
S5 E7 A Prairie Park
S5 E6 Wild Texas
S5 E5 River of the Bears
S5 E4 Family Feud
S5 E3 King of Snakes
S5 E2 Woodies and Hoodies
S5 E1 Pennsylvania Whitetail
S6 E10 Managing Wildlife
S6 E9 Snakedance
S6 E8 Wild Turkey Part 2
S6 E7 Wild Turkey Part 1
S6 E6 Season of the Seals
S6 E5 Minnesota Mink
S6 E4 Timberdoodles of Moosehorn
S6 E3 Beautiful Blues
S6 E2 Swamp Bear Part 2
S6 E1 Swamp Bear Part 1
S7 E10 Evergreen
S7 E9 Bobcat
S7 E8 Chipmunks of Yosemite
S7 E7 Old Man Muskrat
S7 E6 Marmot Mountain
S7 E5 A Multitude of Mollusks
S7 E4 Peculiar Plants
S7 E3 Family of Foxes
S7 E2 White on White
S7 E1 Cliffhangers
S8 E10 Attracting Wildlife
S8 E9 Shenandoah Springtime
S8 E8 Badlands
S8 E7 Olympic Odyssey
S8 E6 Weasels Sleek and Savage Part 2
S8 E5 Weasels Sleek and Savage Part 1
S8 E4 Birds of Prey
S8 E3 Birds of Peace
S8 E2 Cottontails and Kin
S8 E1 Bushytails
S9 E10 Shades of Gray
S9 E9 A Nest is Best
S9 E8 Call to Courtship
S9 E7 Birds of a Feather
S9 E6 Beneficial Bats
S9 E5 Meet the Marten
S9 E4 Pretty as a Quail
S9 E3 The Incredible Shrew
S9 E2 Dancers of the Dawn
S9 E1 Valley of the Elk
S10 E10 Kids and Critters
S10 E9 Whitebark
S10 E8 In the Forest
S10 E7 The Amazing Armadillo
S10 E6 Those Smelly Skunks
S10 E5 The Prickly Porcupine
S10 E4 Prince of the Pond
S10 E3 Truth About Turtles
S10 E2 Magnificent as a Moose
S10 E1 The First Ten Years
S11 E10 Home is Where There's Habitat
S11 E9 Wild Wyoming
S11 E8 Colors in Nature
S11 E7 The Eyes Have It
S11 E6 Some Feet Have Noses
S11 E5 A Tale About Tails
S11 E4 Headgear
S11 E3 Belligerent as a Badger
S11 E2 The Beauty of Butterflies
S11 E1 Billion Dollar Bass
S12 E10 The Bill Makes the Bird
S12 E9 Just Little Varmints
S12 E8 Cute as a Cub
S12 E7 People of the Bison
S12 E6 Wings Over the Marsh
S12 E5 X Rated Imports
S12 E4 Queen of the Ice
S12 E3 Year of the Mustang Part 2
S12 E2 Year of the Mustang Part 1
S12 E1 Zoom in on Wildflowers
Special episodes
Special Year
Amazing Legends 1998
Dangerous Encounters 1995
Deadly Beauty 2005
Fantastic Follies 1996
Great Escapes 1993
Marty's World 2004
Our Favorite Animals 1992
The Predators 1979
Spectacular Showdowns 1994
Tender Times 2001
Wacky Babies 1997
Wild Wings 1996

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