Wild Blue Yonder (album)

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Wild Blue Yonder
Studio album by
Wild Blue Yonder
ReleasedSeptember 9, 1986
GenreRockabilly, cow-punk
ProducerTerry Scott Taylor
Wild Blue Yonder chronology
Wild Blue Yonder
Beyond the Charade

Wild Blue Yonder is the first and only album by Contemporary Christian band Wild Blue Yonder. It is the first official album of Contemporary Christian singer Crystal Lewis who was fifteen at the time of the album's release. She left the band after two years to pursue a solo career. Chris Brigandi of the previously released two rockabilly-themed band, The Lifters, was on guitar. Paul Martin played bass, and Joey Mitchel played drums.

CCM magazine described the style as "a rockabilly, cow-punk band" and saw influences of both Stray Cats and Lone Justice.[1] The album was remixed and re-issued in 1995 on Lewis' Metro 1 label.

Wild Blue Yonder made their debut at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa which often hosted Christian Bands. Like the Knitters, Wild Blue Yonder was created by adding one member and removing one member from their previous band The Lifters.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Chris Brigandi except where noted.

Side one
  1. "Theme"
  2. "You and Me" – (Brigandi & Martin)
  3. "Just One Look"
  4. "This Love's for Real"
  5. "Heart Beat"
  6. "Only One" – (Taylor)
Side two
  1. "Revival Meeting"
  2. "You're My Love" – (Brigandi & Martin)
  3. "Only You (Can Fill this Heart of Mine)"
  4. "Cryin' Eyes" – (Knott & Brigandi)
  5. "If I Could Write a Poem"
  6. "Over the Rainbow" – (Arlen & Harburg)
  1. "Just One Look"
  2. "Just You and Me"
  3. "This Love's for Real"
  4. "Where Can I Go"
  5. "Heart Beat"
  6. "Over the Rainbow"
  7. "Everyday"
  8. "Only One"
  9. "Revival Meeting"
  10. "You're My Love"
  11. "Only You"
  12. "Cryin' Eyes"
  13. "If I Could Write a Poem"


  • Chris Brigandi – guitars, remixing
  • Crystal Lewis – vocals
  • Paul Martin – bass
  • Joey Mitchel – drums
  • Rob Watson – piano, organ, background vocals
  • Garry Brandon – pedal steel
  • Terry Scott Taylor – background vocals
  • Terry Scott Taylor – producer
  • Doug Doyle – engineer
  • Gene Eugene – remixing


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