Wild Instinct

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Wild Instinct
Created by Procidis
No. of episodes 52
Running time 13 minutes
Original release 2001

Wild Instinct (Les Zooriginaux in French) is a children's television series produced by Procidis about a group of animals living in a zoo. They lead a secret, civilised, sophisticated life when humans do not watch them. The series premiered in 2001 in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.


  1. Penguin under pressure
  2. Like father, like son
  3. Who am I?
  4. Croca gets tough
  5. The zoo book
  6. Tiger Minor
  7. Alca's secret
  8. Paparazzi
  9. Diet this
  10. Commando Komo
  11. I love Gnu
  12. Armagibbon
  13. For the love of Lea
  14. When the heat's on
  15. Woki E.T.
  16. All work and no play
  17. Rejuvenation
  18. Attaché-case
  19. Alca's nightmare
  20. A head for figures
  21. Zootomatik
  22. Man eater
  23. Once a star, always a star
  24. Artie alley cat
  25. Money, money
  26. Man's best friend
  27. Rumour is rife
  28. That's no elephant, that's my wife
  29. Astro-Glodys
  30. Rats-ketters
  31. The curse of the weird wolf
  32. The haunted cage
  33. One animal too many
  34. Chaet never prospers
  35. Chaotic park
  36. Unreluctant zero
  37. The invisible ape
  38. Dropped from the sky
  39. Lord Joe
  40. Head in the clouds
  41. The fleas war
  42. Saint-Valentine's Day
  43. No tea for Tigris
  44. The skunk who stunk
  45. Babe new world
  46. The great zoo race
  47. Best of enemies
  48. Mad toad's day
  49. knocked senseless
  50. Miss Connoch's horoscope
  51. Keeper's Christmas
  52. The sleigh

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