Wild Man Blues

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Wild Man Blues
Poster of the movie Wild Man Blues.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Barbara Kopple
Produced by Jean Doumanian
Cinematography Tom Hurwitz
Edited by Lawrence Silk
Sweetland Films
Magnolia Productions
Distributed by Fine Line Features
Release date
January 1997
Running time
105 minutes
Country United States
Language French, English, Italian

Wild Man Blues is a 1997 documentary film directed by Barbara Kopple, about the musical avocation of actor/director/comic Woody Allen. The film takes its name from a jazz composition sometimes attributed to Jelly Roll Morton and sometimes to Louis Armstrong and recorded by both (among others). Allen's love of early 20th century New Orleans music is depicted through his 1996 tour of Europe with his New Orleans Jazz Band. Allen has played clarinet with this band for over 25 years.

Although Allen's European tour is the film's primary focus, it was also notable as the first major public showcase for Allen's relationship with Soon-Yi Previn.

Formats published[edit]

Since the deletion of its original, contemporaneous VHS releases, the film has had only an obscure afterlife on DVD. In April 2012 the film was featured as a bonus disc on an Australian box set of Allen's films, and similarly appeared as an extra in a UK Region 2 box set in July 2014. Although the film is not available as a standalone DVD in any of the main English-speaking countries, it has been released singly in various Region 2 pressings around Europe, with relevant (optional) subtitles.


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