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Wild Russia is a six-episode series of documentaries about the wilderness in Russia (original title in German: Wildes Russland) made by the German NDR Naturfilm/Studio Hamburg Doclights (executive producer: Jörn Röver) for NDR/WDR/S4C/Animal Planet and National Geographic in 2009.[1] The German version of NDR Blu-ray (also DVD) was narrated by Christian Brückner, and its English version was narrated by Clifford Wells. The National Geographic version was narrated by Paterson Joseph. It was re-edited and aired by Animal Planet in the United States,[2] narrated by Jason Hildebrandt.[3]

The cinematography of Wild Russia is notable—similar in scope and quality to the best BBC nature documentaries. The original version (which has both a German and an English soundtrack) and the National Geographic version are so different in content and layout that each can be viewed as a unique, separate show.


The series (series producer: Henry M. Mix) consisted of six episodes.[4] The National Geographic version was aired in the following order:

  • Siberia, director Tobias Mennle
  • Kamchatka, director Christian Baumeister
  • Arctic, director Uwe Anders
  • Caucasus titled The Great Divide, director Tom Synnatzschke
  • Primorye titled The Secret Forest, director Henry M. Mix
  • Urals titled Primeval Valleys, director Oliver Goetzl

The Animal Planet version was aired in the following order:

The German NDR version was aired and arranged on DVD and Blu-ray discs in the following order: