Wild Side (1995 film)

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Wild Side
Directed by Donald Cammell
Produced by John Langley (a.o.)
Frank Mazzola (director's cut)
Written by China Kong
Donald Cammell
Starring Christopher Walken
Joan Chen
Anne Heche
Steven Bauer
Cinematography Sead Mutarevic
Edited by Frank Mazzola
Release date
Running time
96 min.
111 min. (Director's cut)
Country United Kingdom
United States
Language English

Wild Side is a 1995 film co-written and directed by Donald Cammell. It went straight to video and stars Christopher Walken, Joan Chen, Anne Heche, and Steven Bauer.

There are three different versions of the film. Cammell committed suicide shortly after seeing it drastically re-edited by its producers.[citation needed] A "director's cut" version by Cammell's wife and co-screenwriter China Kong, and his editor and sometime producer Frank Mazzola, was released in 2000 and was noted by critics.[1] The film is perhaps best known for its graphic lesbian love scenes between stars Joan Chen and Anne Heche. The scenes proved controversial to the point that after Wild Side's initial airings on HBO, the network subsequently chose to air a version of the film with those portions deleted.[citation needed]



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