Wild Things: Foursome

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Wild Things: Foursome
Wild Things - Foursome.png
DVD cover
Directed byAndy Hurst
Produced byMarc Bienstock
Written by
  • Monty Featherstone
  • Howard Zemski
Music bySteven M. Stern
CinematographyJeffrey D. Smith
Edited byAnthony Adler
Distributed bySony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date
  • June 1, 2010 (2010-06-01)
Running time
92 minutes
CountryUnited States

Wild Things: Foursome is a 2010 erotic thriller film directed by Andy Hurst and starring Jillian Murray, Marnette Patterson, Ashley Parker Angel and John Schneider. It is a sequel to Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough (2005) and the fourth and final film in the Wild Things series.

The film was released on DVD on June 1, 2010.


Carson Wheetly is the wealthy and spoiled 20-year-old son of millionaire NASCAR car racer Ted Wheetly. Carson hates his father who he thinks might have murdered his mother one year earlier in order to inherit her money. Carson finds himself tangled up in a game of seduction, greed and murder after a raunchy night (a foursome) with three beautiful women: his girlfriend Rachel Thomas, her school friend Brandi Cox and a local woman named Linda Dobson during a party. Then the three women bring rape charges against Carson who is arrested. Linda drops the rape charges against Carson after being offered a large cash settlement and leaves town. Rachel also drops the rape charges, but Brandi continues to insist that Carson forced himself upon her.

A few days later, Ted dies during a race and the police get involved when Detective Frank Walker investigates Ted's death which happened under questionable circumstances. Ted's lawyer, George Stuben, suddenly announces during the reading of the will that Carson cannot inherit Ted's money and estate until he turns 30 or marries. Carson quickly gets married to Rachel, and inherits. Carson and Rachel decide to kill Brandi rather than give her a share of the money after she finally drops the rape charges against Carson so that they keep all the money for themselves. However, Rachel, along with Brandi, are also plotting to kill Carson so that Rachel can inherit as a grieving widow and split the money between them.

One evening, Rachel and Brandi lure Carson to a cheap motel in the Everglades with the intention of sex, and after a struggle, Brandi does murder Carson by shooting him in the head and leaves a forged suicide note implying the Carson killed himself. Rachel then inherits Carson's money, but rather than split the money, Rachel plots to murder Brandi to keep all the money for herself. Brandi, anticipating that Rachel might do just that, plots a scheme of her own to kill Rachel.

Brandi lures Rachel to an old cabin in the nearby swamps with the intention of sex. Rachel and Brandi, both try to kill each other, and though Brandi gets the upper hand, they get discovered. They are both arrested and are separately interrogated by Detective Walker, who reveals that he knows that both grew up together and plotted to find a man to marry and then murder so they can inherent a fortune. Brandi incriminates Rachel by revealing hidden video DVDs that show that both Carson and Rachel tampered with Ted Wheetley's car on order to cause his death, as well as Rachel's blood-stained blouse from the motel, which suggests that Rachel murdered Carson all by herself. Rachel is arrested and sent to prison while Brandi gets away scot-free.

After closing the case, Detective Walker retires and joins Brandi on a motor launch boat, revealing himself to be a corrupt cop who helped Brandi incriminate Rachel for Carson's murder so he could get a share of the Wheetly money. However at sea, Brandi double-crosses Walker by stabbing him to death and throwing his body overboard. She then flees to the Caribbean to claim all of the money for herself.

A series of scenes over the end credits reveal the truth behind the crime. It turns out that Ted Wheetly's shy, nebbish lawyer, George, was in fact the mastermind behind the whole scheme. George is actually a career con artist who, for many years, impersonated a lawyer who plotted to steal all of the Wheetly family's money, totaling $155 million. George first approached Brandi (who held a grudge against the Wheetly family) to help him, and Brandi then approached Rachel. Rachel and Brandi then manipulated Carson into believing that Ted murdered his mother so they could get his assistance. Brandi then pretended to bring rape charges against Carson during a party in order to blackmail him into marrying Rachel, and to get a share of Ted's money. George worked behind the scenes throughout the film by changing the nature of Ted's will, as well as by planting evidence for Detective Walker to find. Brandi was the one who learned that Walker was corrupt and could by swayed by the offer of money. After killing Walker, Brandi meets with George at a Caribbean island. George empties all of his shell accounts to bring the money into his personal Cayman Islands account. George then gives Brandi a suitcase supposedly full of cash as her share of the Wheetlys money. But when Brandi climbs aboard a motorboat to pilot away and opens the suitcase, the contents of the case are revealed to be a bomb which explodes, killing Brandi. It is also implied that George had Rachel murdered in prison and set it up to look like a suicide. George walks away with all of the $155 million for himself. In the very final shot, George is joined by yet another co-conspirator; Linda Dobson, who happens to be his wife.


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