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Wild Water Kingdom
Slogan Water you waiting for?
Location Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga
Coordinates 43°44′27.02″N 79°38′23.55″W / 43.7408389°N 79.6398750°W / 43.7408389; -79.6398750Coordinates: 43°44′27.02″N 79°38′23.55″W / 43.7408389°N 79.6398750°W / 43.7408389; -79.6398750
Owner Private
General Manager Kevin Siu‐Chong[1]
Opened 1986[2]
Previous names Sunshine Beach Water Park[3]
Operating season June to September[4]
Area 100-acre (0.40 km2)[2]
Pools 2 pools
Water slides 16[5] water slides
Website www.wildwaterkingdom.com

Wild Water Kingdom (formerly known as "Sunshine Beach") is located in Brampton, Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area. Opened in 1986, the 100-acre (0.40 km2) entertainment complex is located next to the Clairville Reservoir, Clairville Conservation Area and the Humber River (Ontario). The park hosts a variety of attractions, including numerous water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, the Caribbean Cove with a cascading waterfall, volleyball courts,[6] a kids' water playground and adventure zone. The water park is home to "The Big Tipper", the only Double Tipping Bucket attraction in the world.holding eight hundred gallons of water,[7] As well, there are non-swimming activities such as their Face Drop Zip Lines (to ride like superman or traditional style), a rock climbing wall, and 18-hole fantasy mini golf. The park is also home to a number of bars and food vendors and cabanas for parties.[8] Wild Water Kingdom also has a mascot named "Hugo the Hippo"[9] in 2013 wild Water Kingdom opened for they're 27th season.,[10] Summer Rush held by radio station Z103.5 for the first time was held at Wild Water Kingdom On August 30, 2013 this as well as drake's pool party was only two of four major events held at Wild Water Kingdom in 2013[11][12] Wild Water Kingdom has hosted up to 2,500,000 guests since the Waterpark first opened in 1986[13]

Wild Water Kingdom's season runs from June to September annually. The water park is owned by a private company. Wild Water Kingdom's General Manager is Kevin Siu Chong,[1] As of June 2010 Wild Water Kingdom is no longer Canada's largest water park as Calypso Park in Ottawa has opened.,[14] On the week of June 23, 2010 hugo the hippo threw its annual birthday party.[15] Wild Water Kingdom has also switched all water slides and pools to saltwater[16] On Thursday,July 7, 2011 CP24 was at Wild Water Kingdom for CP24 day.[17] In August 2013 an Armed robbery occurred just as the beach club festival was ending, Wild Water Kingdom was kept closed the following day so police could process the investigation and conduct interviews.,[18] also In August 2013 Wild Water Kingdom held an event called "the O Course" the event was based on real U.S. Marine Corps fitness training,endurance, strength, speed, and stamina.This is Canada's only training course designed by and led by former U.S Marine drill instructor Sgt. Tony Austin[19][20] In September 2013 following the interviews and the investigation police had arrested three suspects two of which were connected in the robbery, police had been looking for another suspect in the robbery.[21] in late July 2014 police have found,arrested and charged the fourth suspect in the robbery almost a year after the robbery.[22] the Beach club festival returned for August 2014 as well as Jamaican day later that month.[23] [24] as of May 2015 general media and the public have speculated due to no response and no updated operating schedule for 2015 it has been assumed that Wild Water Kingdom has been closed indefinitely.[25][26][27][28]


First expansion: 1986/87 The water park opened in 1986 with a kids water playground named Dolphins Bay with multiple Splash Pads, Dry Playground, seven children's water slides and a wading pool[29]

Second expansion: 1991/92 With Splash Works opening at Canada's Wonderland it was ideal that Wild Water Kingdom was soon to add another addition with what is now the 4th largest wave pool in Canada behind the ones at Wild Water Works in Hamilton, Splash works at Canada's wonderland and Calypso Waterpark in Ottawa[30][31][32]

Third expansion: 1995/96 Wild Water Kingdom had its third expansion in three years with two waterslides Cyclone, Devil's Drop, a Lazy river was also built[33]

Forth Expansion: 1997/98 Wild Water Kingdom added batting cages and mini golf courses for mini putt, a hot tub was also added in the middle of the summer.[34]

1998: two slides were added in dolphin's bay, many venders such as Pizza Pizza and Mr.Sub began partnership with Wild Water Kingdom.

2001: three slides Midnight Express, The Abyss and Nightrider were added[27] [35]

2002: White Lighting and The Cliff were installed in early 2002 in time for the 2002 season.[27]

2003: no new attractions we opened this year due to the North American blackout that left all of Ontario, Quebec and 8 U.S states in darkness.[36][37]

2008: Wild Water Kingdom removes the hot tub due to many complaints about not safe and uncleanliness.

2010 Calypso Park in Ottawa opens and has ranked as both the biggest waterpark in Canada and higher in Attendance then Wild Water Kingdom in attendance for the time being. [32]

2011: new bars are added in Caribbean Cove and Wild Water Kingdom receives they're first mascot "Hugo the hippo"[27] [38]

2012: In July 2012 a new Zip line attraction called "face drop" is added it was the first of its kind in Canada having a different form of ziplining either face first or regular style, facedrop is four 1,200-foot long high-tension cable rides that can be reaching speeds of 50 km/hr soaring from one end of the park to the other. Riders will start high atop the tallest water slide in the park and fly over the massive wave pool,the lazy river and Caribbean Cove[38][39][40] In June 2012 Wild Water kingdom held they're first "Beach Club Festival it was a Beach themed party set at Wild Water Kingdom lasting till 3am the party was usually recommended for adult 18+ but Wild Water Kingdom basically let anyone in if the people under 18 did NOT get caught getting into the party.[41][42]

2015: In May 2015, Wild Water Kingdom announced that it would be closed for the 2015 season while it undergoes major renovations and expansions. The park is expected to open again for the 2016 summer season.


Wild Water Kingdom is Northwest of Highway 427 2 km on Finch Ave West bordered by Steeles Ave East,housing and campgrounds at highway 427, highway 427 to the east and about 10 minutes southwest of Woodbridge, Wild Water Kingdom is also close to Humber College. [29][43]


Waterparks such as the one at Ontario Place which the attraction not the waterpark is due to be ready for reopening at the end of 2015, Ontario Place opened in 1971 and is one of Ontario's well known attractions,[44] Other Waterparks like at Canada's Wonderland open since 1992 is also well known and this year has received its first major addition since 2002[45][46]

Transit Options[edit]

-Brampton Transit=#11[47]

-Mississauga Transit[47]

Regular public transit to and from Wild Water Kingdom is provided by Brampton Transit and MiWay, though guests will have to walk a certain distance from the bus stop to Wild Water Kingdom.


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