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Wild rose is the common name of certain flowering shrubs:

  • Any wild members of the Genus Rosa (see List of Rosa species), or, more especially:
    • Rosa acicularis, "wild rose", a rose species which occurs in Asia, Europe, and North America
    • Rosa arkansana, "wild prairie rose", a rose species native to a large area of central North America
    • Rosa canina, "wild rose" or "dog rose", a climbing rose species native to Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia
    • Rosa virginiana, "Virginia rose", a rose species native to North America
    • Rosa woodsii, "wild rose" of the sagebrush steppe in the Great Basin of North America
  • Genus Diplolaena:

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  • USS Wilrose II (SP-195), a United States Navy patrol vessel in service from 1918 to 1919 sometimes referred to in U.S. Navy records as "USS Wild Rose"