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Private Ltd
Industry Retail
Founded 1998
Headquarters Bangalore
Key people
Siddharth Sood, Gaurav Dublish
Products Outdoor clothing and equipment
Website www.wildcraft.in

Wildcraft is an Indian sports and adventure outdoor product company based in Bengaluru. The company's products are sold in over 160+ exclusive stores and 4,000 multi-branded stores in India.[1] The cofounders of the company are Dinesh Kaigonahalli, Siddharth Sood & Gaurav Dublish.


Wildcraft's first product in the early 1990s was a dome tent not for sale. The company shifted into manufacturing backpacks and expanded into sleeping bags and outdoors clothing.[2] In 2014 it announced it would expand its range of clothing and footwear,[1] hiring an additional 1,000 employees in one of its three factories.[3]

Wildcraft, which makes backpacks, rucksacks, camping and hiking equipment, among others, entered the footwear and clothing segment two-and-a-half years back and the new segments are contributing significantly to sales.


The company's products are sold in 160+ exclusive stores and 4,000 multi-branded stores in India,[1] with plans to open an additional 40-50 stores each year.[4] In December 2014 the company announced they would explore the middle and south east Asian markets. [3].

They have started in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal. In Kathmandu, Wildcraft own a store and planning to open another one there. In February, they did our their tie-up in Europe. From the revenue side, 6-7% of our business comes from exports at present," said co-founder Gaurav Dublish .Wildcraft is also planning to establish its presence in the townships with 5 lakh plus population in the next 18 months which is 110 (cities).[1]


Early on, Wildcraft suffered a lack of planning, and in 2003 the company made losses.[2] Under new management it began a strategy of expansion and achieved revenues of Rs 1 crore in 2007.[3] According to director Gaurav Dublish, the company grew at a compound annual growth rate of 85% from 2007 to 2010.[2] In September 2013, Sequoia Capital, a California-based private equity firm, invested[5] Rs 70 crore in the company, giving it an enterprise valuation of about US$50 million.[4] Revenues reached Rs 100 crore in fiscal year 2013-2014[4] and Rs 250 crore one year later. They had retail sales of Rs 400 crore in 2016-17, and looking at an investment of Rs 350 crore said co-founder Gaurav Dublish . They are aiming to acieve revenues of Rs 1,000 crore by 2020.[3]


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