Wilde Lake High School

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Wilde Lake High School
"High Lake Wilde Lake"
Wilde Lake High School.jpg
"'Diversity excels"
5460 Trumpeter Road
Columbia, MD
Type Public high school
Established 1971
School district Howard County Public Schools
Principal James "Zesty" LeMon
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 1,438 [1]
Color(s) Green      and gold     
Mascot Wildecats
Newspaper The Paw Print

Wilde Lake High School is a secondary school located in Columbia, Maryland's Village of Wilde Lake, one of 12 public high schools in Howard County. Bids were requested by January 1970 for an 1,350-seat school to be built for an estimated $2.6 million.[1] Opened in 1971 as a model school for the nation, it was Columbia's first high school. It had an open doughnut-shaped design with "open classrooms" and was a model school for new teaching settings.[2] In 1994, the original 910-student building which did not meet current safety standards was demolished. A new $20 million 1,200-seat building was reconstructed on the same site with a more traditional style by Cochran, Stephenson and Donkevoet.[3] The new building, opened in 1996, replicates the open idea, with a central main street, and halls surrounding it and a bridge across the second floor.

The school is centrally located in Howard County and its district borders that of River Hill High School, Marriotts Ridge High School, Centennial High School, Howard High School, Oakland Mills High School, and Atholton High School.

Wilde Lake's official mascot is the "Wildecat". The school's main sports rivals are Oakland Mills High School, River Hill High School and Atholton High School.

Jim Rouse Theatre[edit]

Wilde Lake has a modern 750-seat theater named for Columbia founder James Rouse, who went by "Jim".[4] The theatre has its own separate entrance and is used by both school and community groups. The 12,500-square-foot performance space is also used for community meetings, sales rallies, exhibitions, and business training sessions. The theatre has a total of 739 seats and 8 handicapped accessible locations.[5]

Wilde Lake High School has this state-of-the-art theater with advanced acoustics and the school's internationally recognized Fine Arts program. The concert, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band, led by director Lewis Dutrow, take full advantage of the Jim Rouse Theatre.[6]


Wilde Lake High School has a number of sports teams for each season of the academic year, including (but not limited to) football, soccer, golf, volleyball and cross country (boys' and girls' teams)[7] The school has won the following state championships:

Cross country[edit]

  • 2007 – Boys' Cross Country
  • 2006 – Boys' Cross Country[8]
  • 2005 – Boys' Cross Country
  • 1996 – Boys' Cross Country
  • 1996 – Girls' Cross Country[9]
  • 1971 – Boys' Cross Country


  • 2010 – Football
  • 1997 – Football[10]
  • 1992 – Football
  • 1991 – Football
  • 1990 – Football
  • 1985 – Football


  • 1997 – Boys' Soccer[11]
  • 1991 – Boys' Soccer
  • 1984 – Boys' Soccer
  • 1983 – Boys' Soccer
  • 1982 – Boys' Soccer
  • 1981 – Boys' Soccer
  • 1976 – Boys' Soccer


  • 1995 – Girls' Basketball[12]
  • 1985 – Boys' Basketball[13]

Ice hockey[edit]

  • 2008 State Finalist


  • 2006 – Boys' Tennis Singles[14]
  • 2001 – Mixed Doubles[15]
  • 1986 – Mixed Doubles
  • 1985 – Boys' Tennis Doubles

Track and field[edit]

  • 1975 – Boys' track and field[16]

Band program[edit]

The Wilde Lake High School band program is run by Lewis Dutrow.

The Paw Print[edit]

The Paw Print is an independent publication of Wilde Lake High School.[17]

Notable alumni[edit]

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