Wildest Wish to Fly

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The Wildest Wish to Fly
Studio album by Rupert Hine
Released 1983
Label Resurgent
Producer Rupert Hine, Stephen W. Tayler
Rupert Hine chronology
Waving Not Drowning
The Wildest Wish to Fly
Better Off Dead

The Wildest Wish to Fly is a solo album by Rupert Hine. It was originally released in 1983 on A&M Records and Island Records and re-released on CD in 2001 on VoicePrint. The album peaked at #31 on the Swedish album chart.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Rupert Hine

  1. "No Yellow Heart" (Original Version)
  2. "Living in Sin"
  3. "The Saturation of the Video Rat"
  4. "Firefly in the Night"
  5. "A Golden Age"
  6. "Picture-phone"
  7. "Victim of Wanderlust"
  8. "The Most Dangerous of Men"
  9. "The Wildest Wish to Fly"
  10. "Blue Flame (Melt the Ice)" (Bonus CD track)
  11. "No Yellow Heart" (Later Version) (Bonus CD track)


Includes liner notes by Rupert Hine

The Wildest Wish To Fly. 1984 Island Records, Ltd.. Island Records Inc. Produced by Rupert Hine & Stephen W Tayler. Music written and arranged by Rupert Hine. Lyrics written by Jeannette Obstoj. Published by Almo Music Corp. ASCAP. ST-IL-845492-AR.


  1. "No Yellow Heart" (4:25)
  2. "Blue Flame (Melt The Ice)" (4:15)
  3. "I Hang on to My Vertigo" (4:53)
  4. "Firefly in the night" (4:04)
  5. "A Golden Age" (4:35)


  1. "Misplaced Love" (4:11)
  2. "Picture Phone" (3:32)
  3. "Living In Sin" 3:40)
  4. "The Most Dangerous of Men" (4:40)
  5. "The Wildest Wish to Fly" (6:34)


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