Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann

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Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann
Wildhaus-Alt Sankt Johann
Wildhaus-Alt Sankt Johann
Coat of arms of Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann
Coat of arms
Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann is located in Switzerland
Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann
Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann
Coordinates: 47°11′N 9°17′E / 47.183°N 9.283°E / 47.183; 9.283Coordinates: 47°11′N 9°17′E / 47.183°N 9.283°E / 47.183; 9.283
Country Switzerland
Canton St. Gallen
District Toggenburg
 • Mayor Rolf Züllig
(as of 2010)
 • Total 87.51 km2 (33.79 sq mi)
Elevation 895 m (2,936 ft)
Population (Dec 2014[2])
 • Total 2,657
 • Density 30/km2 (79/sq mi)
Postal code 9656 Alt St. Johann
9658 Wildhaus
SFOS number 3359
Surrounded by Amden, Grabs, Nesslau-Krummenau, Quarten, Stein, Walenstadt
Website www.wildhaus-altstjohann.ch
SFSO statistics

Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann is a municipality in the Wahlkreis (constituency) of Toggenburg in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. It was formed on 1 January 2010 through the merger of Alt St. Johann and Wildhaus.[3]


The former municipalities that would become Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann had a combined population of 2,657 (as of December 2014).[2]

Historic population[edit]

The historical population is given in the following table:

year population
(Alt St. Johann)[4]
population total
1850 1,623 1,163 2,786
1900 1,504 1,096 2,600
1950 1,434 1,150 2,584
2000 1,453 1,278 2,731


Wildhaus has an average of 157 days of rain or snow per year and on average receives 1,640 mm (65 in) of precipitation. The wettest month is August during which time Wildhaus receives an average of 202 mm (8.0 in) of rain or snow. During this month there is precipitation for an average of 14.7 days. The month with the most days of precipitation is June, with an average of 15.8, but with only 199 mm (7.8 in) of rain or snow. The driest month of the year is October with an average of 100 mm (3.9 in) of precipitation over 14.7 days.[6]

Heritage sites of national significance[edit]

The paleolithic cave, Wildenmannlisloch in Alt St. Johann and the birthplace of the Reformer Huldrych Zwingli at Lisighus 167 in Wildhaus are listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance.[7]


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