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Wildlife Conservation Network
Wildlife Conservation Network Logo.jpg
Founded 2002
Founder Charles Knowles, John Lukas and Akiko Yamazaki.[1]
Type Non-profit Organization
Focus Environmentalism
Area served
World wide
Method Community based partnerships, fundraising, consultancy
Key people
  • Charles Knowles (President)
  • Rebecca Patton (Director / Vice President)
  • Jean-Gaël E. Collomb, Ph.D. (Executive Director)
  • Jeffrey Parrish (Vice President for Conservation)
  • Akiko Yamazaki (Director)
  • Christine Hemrick (Director)
  • Isabella Rossellini (Director Emeritus)
  • Bill Unger (Director)
  • David Berger (Director)
$12,386,278 (2015)[2]
Slogan The Spirit of Innovation in Conservation
Website wildnet.org

The Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) is a United States-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that partners with conservationists from around the world and is dedicated to developing community-based projects that help wildlife and people co-exist. WCN does this by providing its partners with capital, strategic capacity-building services, training, and operational support. WCN has been given a number one rating amongst wildlife conservation charities, with four stars and a perfect 100 score, on Charity Navigator.[4]

Founded in 2002, Wildlife Conservation Network was built on a venture capital fundraising model to identify high-potential conservationists and projects and give them the support they need to effectively run their programs.[5]

Current Conservation Partners[edit]

Wildlife Conservation Network forms partnerships with a select number of field-based conservation projects committed to protecting endangered wildlife. WCN limits its partnerships to projects that are beyond the start-up phase and usually with an organizational budget below $250 thousand.[6]

Partners as of 2017 include:

2012 Expo at the Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco

Wildlife Conservation Expo[edit]

WCN hosts an annual event, the Wildlife Conservation Expo, in the San Francisco Bay Area that brings together donors, partners, other conservationists and experts from around the world.[11] Notable keynote speakers have included Dr. Jane Goodall,[12] Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton,[13] Peter Matthiessen[14] Dr. Claudio Sillero-Zubiri[15] and Dr. Greg Rasmussen.[16]

The annual Expo also features WCN's partners, who share information and updates on their respective projects. Other past non-partner guest speakers have included William Robichaud representing the Saola Working Group[17]

Notable programs and campaigns[edit]

Elephant Crisis Fund[edit]

In partnership with Save the Elephants and supported by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, WCN began the Elephant Crisis Fund to address the current wave of elephant poaching that is devastating Africa’s elephant population. The fund identifies and supports the most urgent projects that address poaching, ivory trafficking, and demand for ivory. Funded organizations include Wildlife Conservation Society, World Wildlife Fund, Tsavo Trust, and Wildlife Direct, among many others. 100% of the Elephant Crisis Fund’s money is used for on-the-ground conservation actions.[18]

Scholarship program[edit]

Since 2006, WCN has supported graduate students aspiring to become wildlife conservationists through a scholarship program. The program focuses on students committed to working on projects in their home countries where conservation efforts are needed.[19]

Solar project[edit]

In 2005, WCN started providing solar electric systems such as solar water pumps, cookers, lighting, hot water and water purification systems to its partner projects in South America, Africa and Asia.[20]


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