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Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium
Wildlife World Zoo
Date opened1984 (Zoo)[1]
2008 (Aquarium)[1]
LocationLitchfield Park, Arizona, United States
Coordinates33°32′57″N 112°24′46″W / 33.5490379°N 112.4127552°W / 33.5490379; -112.4127552Coordinates: 33°32′57″N 112°24′46″W / 33.5490379°N 112.4127552°W / 33.5490379; -112.4127552
Land area215 acres (87 ha)[1]
No. of animals3,000[1]
No. of species600[1]
Total volume of tanks180,000 US gallons (681,000 l)[1]
Annual visitors500,000[1]

Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium is a 215-acre (87 ha) zoo[2] and aquarium in Litchfield Park, Arizona, United States, near Phoenix. The zoo specializes in African and South American animals, and has Arizona's largest collection of exotic animals. It has a 0.6 miles (970 m) "safari train", a boat ride through the Australian habitat, a tram through another segment of the African habitat, and several amusement-oriented rides. Since 2008, it also has an aquarium with a total tank volume of 180,000 US gallons (681,000 l).[1]

The latest section, "Adventureland", opened in February, 2016. This added 15 acres (6.1 ha), four rides, and a restaurant. Separately a new Mexican restaurant, "Zooberto's", was opened.[2]

Safari Park[edit]

Ostrich in the Safari Park

A 15-acre park featuring an African lion habitat and African birds. Visitors can walk or take a tram through exhibits.

Species in the Safari Park include: Springbok, Spider Monkey, African Lions, Macaws, Capuchin, Fischer's Lovebirds, Sable Antelope, Ostrich, African Warthogs, Olive Baboons, Red River Hogs, Ring-tailed Lemur, Spotted Hyena.

Dragon World[edit]

Dragon World features animal exhibits featuring large ectotherms.

Animals include, Reticulated Pythons, White Alligator, Dwarf Crocodile, Sail Fin Dragon, Gila Monster, Green Iguana, Green Anaconda, and Bearded Dragon.[1]

Baby Animal Nursery[edit]

There are more than 600 species at Wildlife World. The babies available to view change from week to week.

Lory Parrot Feeding[edit]

The Wildlife World Zoo features a Lory feeding exhibit. Visitors can interact with tropical birds here from the South Pacific. [3]


The Wildlife World Aquarium is Arizona's first public aquarium, and features salt- and fresh-water species including sea lions and varieties of penguins.


Wildlife World Zoo was started as a breeding farm for birds by Mickey Ollson, a teacher, on 5 acres (2.0 ha) in Glendale, Arizona. In 1973 Ollson purchased 25 acres (10 ha) at the current site in Litchfield Park. The zoo grew by breeding and trading animals with other zoos, until by 1984 he "essentially had a zoo no one could visit." The zoo opened to the public that year, and continued to grow by purchasing the surrounding property.[4] The aquarium opened in 2009, and the Safari Park and "American Adventure" opened in 2014.[5]


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