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Wildwood Amusement Park 1907

Wildwood was an amusement park and picnic grounds that existed from 1889 through 1932 on the southeast shore of White Bear Lake in Mahtomedi, Minnesota.[1] The park was built and operated by the Minneapolis and St. Paul Suburban Railroad Company, a subdivision of the Twin City Rapid Transit Company, which ran a streetcar line from Mahtomedi to nearby St. Paul.[2] It was the sister park of Big Island Amusement Park on Lake Minnetonka, as both were intended to draw crowds of people to opposite ends of the Minneapolis-St. Paul streetcar system on weekends.[3] Wildwood Amusement Park proved to be more successful than Big Island Amusement Park, which closed in 1911, and lasted until 1932 when financial losses brought about its demise.[4]

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