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Joseph Wilford Booth (1866–1928) was a prominent Latter-day Saint missionary and educator in the early 20th-century.

Booth was born in Alpine, Utah Territory. He attended Brigham Young Academy, he then became a school teacher. He married Mary Rebecca "Reba" Moyle in the Logan Utah Temple in 1890. Booth served his first mission to the Ottoman Empire from 1898 until 1902. He returned as a missionary in 1903, this time accompanied by his wife. He was later mission president there from 1904 until 1909. He tried to start missionary work in Greece in 1905. After returning to Utah he resumed his work as a school teacher.

Booth again served as mission president starting in 1921, although the mission headquarters were later moved to Syria. His wife did not join him until 1924. Most of those who converted to Mormonism were Armenians, although some Greeks and Arabs were also converted. He died while serving as mission president in 1928.

In 1925, Booth wrote a book entitled Come Listen to A Prophet's Voice.


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