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Wilfred Le Bouthillier (born May 12, 1978) is an Acadian singer from the town of Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick and the winner of the 2003 edition of Star Académie, a Quebec reality show for aspiring singers.[1]


He is known simply by his first name, Wilfred. His debut album Wilfred Le Bouthillier was released in the autumn of 2003. Produced with the assistance of Cajun singer Zachary Richard, it proved to be an enviable success, selling over 200,000 copies. This is exceptional for an artist in Quebec. By way of comparison, this would be equivalent to selling more than 8 million copies of an English-language album in the United States.

Among his awards and distinctions, Wilfred has received several "Prix Étoiles" (in Acadie). He took home the Juno Award for Francophone Album of the Year for his debut album, "Wilfred Le Bouthillier." He was also nominated in several categories during the Quebec l'ADISQ 2005 gala, including one nomination in the Best Seller category. At the 16th SOCAN gala, his song "Je Ferai Tout," was listed among the top ten most played francophone songs on the radio.[2]

Wilfred recorded a follow-up album in 2005 called Poussières. This album was another success for the artist, classified as the second best-selling album in Quebec and the twelfth best-seller in Canada.[citation needed] The first song released from that album, "Avec Toi," made it to the top 5 in the top 100 radio BDS countdown while the video also placed the song in the top 5 on Musique Plus and Musimax (the Francophone version of MuchMusic).[3]

At the end of August, 2007, "L'insignifiant," also from the album "Poussières," was sitting at number seven on Quebec's "Top 50 Radio Correspondants Francophone."


  • 2013: Je poursuis ma route
    1. Je m'y perds
    2. Peu m'importe
    3. Le pont de l'archevêché
    4. La force de tomber
    5. Je n'abandonnerai pas
    6. Ce que tu veux
    7. Je poursuis ma route
    8. Tu es tout (en duo avec Elisa Tovati)
    9. Depuis qu'on est des hommes
    10. Marilyn
    11. Emmène-moi
    12. Laisse-moi pas seul
  • 2009: Droit Devant
    1. Droit devant
    2. Sur l'océan
    3. Allez, viens
    4. J'y crois encore
    5. Je Reviens
    6. Déraciné
    7. Près de toi
    8. Jimmy joue
    9. Un petit morceau de moi
    10. L'Odyssée
    11. La reine du bingo (hommage à Cayouche)
  • 2006: Poussières (?? sold)
    1. Tant qu'il y aura
    2. Avec toi
    3. Poussières
    4. Ma vie tourne autour de toi
    5. Ils reviennent
    6. Ne vois-tu pas?
    7. Dans mon village
    8. Le bouffon
    9. Je continue de croire
    10. Toute sorte de monde
    11. L'insignifiant
    12. Dis-moi que tu viens
    13. Le monde a bien changé
  • 2005: L'Acadie en Chanson
    1. Chanter ma vie
  • 2005: Simple - Si demain (turn around)
    1. Si demain
  • 2004: L'Acadie en Chanson
    1. M'Envoler
  • 2004: Le choix du Québec
    1. Je ferais tout
  • 2004: Merci pour la chanson
    1. Que passent les saisons
Wilfred Le Bouthillier (Wilfred Le Bouthillier album - cover art).jpg
  • 2003: Wilfred Le Bouthillier (205k sold)
    1. Chanter Ma Vie
    2. Le Vieux Loup De Mer
    3. L'important C'est D'aimer
    4. Marie Jina
    5. Que Passent Les Saisons
    6. Je Ferais Tout
    7. La Ballade De Jean Batailleur (Version Studio)
    8. Gamawa
    9. Cruel Mais Réel
    10. T'en Vas Pas
    11. Les Ailes Des Hirondelles
    12. Perds Pas Confiance
    13. Tout Près De Toi
    14. La Bataille De Jean Batailleur (Version Spectacle)
  • 2003: Star Académie (530k sold)
    1. Et c'est pas fini
    2. Amène-toi chez nous

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