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For the Hungarian-American film producer, see William Fox (producer).
Wilhelm Fuchs (left) with Kurt Daluege and Otto Winkelmann (1940)

Oberführer and Oberst of Police Wilhelm Fuchs (1 September 1898, Mannheim – 24 January 1947, Belgrade) was a Nazi Einsatzkommando leader. From April 1941 to January 1942 he commanded the Einsatzgruppe Serbien. From 15 September 1943 through 27 May 1944 he commanded Einsatzkommando 3. He was executed by hanging at Belgrade.

Fuchs studied at the University of Leipzig Agricultural Science and received his doctorate in 1929, On 1 April 1932, he joined the NSDAP (member NR. 1,038,061). On 1 December 1932 he became SS (member NR. 62 760). On 11 July 1933 he was appointed Untersturmführer and, on 20 April 1938, promoted to Standartenführer.