Wilhelm Heinrich Kramer

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Wilhem Heinrich Kramer (born in Dresden – 1765) was a German physician and naturalist.

Kramer studied in Vienna (Austria) then practiced medicine in Bruck, close to the capital, for at least fourteen years. He published in 1756 a work entitled Elenchus Vegetabilium and Animalium per Austriam inferiorem Observatorum, a flora and fauna of Lower Austria noted especially because it was one of the first works to adopt the binomial nomenclature of Carl von Linné (1707–1778). In this book, Kramer created the name pratincola for the collared pratincole which was adapted in English in the following work of Thomas Pennant (1726–1798) in 1773. It is probably for him that Giovanni Antonio Scopoli (1723–1788) dedicated Psittacus krameri (today Psittacula krameri) in 1769. He is also known as an entomologist.


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