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Advertising W. Junk in Berlin W 5 Spezial-Antiquariat für Botanik (about 1900)

Wilhelm Junk (3 February 1866, Prague – 3 December 1942, Den Haag) was a Czech natural history, bibliographer bookseller and entomologist.

Wilhelm Junk established his book dealership "Antiquariaat Junk", in 1899 in Berlin. He soon became the leading dealer in works on natural history in Europe. Junk also edited and published reference works notably Lepidopterorum Catalogus edited by Embrik Strand and Coleopterorum Catalogus edited by Junk himself and Sigmund Schenkling. A jewish refugee, he moved his shop to Den Haag in the 1930s. He sold his business to Rudolph Schierenberg in 1935. It still operates as "Antiquariaat Junk".

He was a Doctor of Philosophy Honoris causae an honour conferred by the Humboldt University of Berlin.


Incomplete list

  • Rara Historico Naturalia Berlin (1900-1939). The first bibliographical reference work for natural history giving detailed bibliographical, historical, and scientific information.
  • Bibliographia botanica W. Junk,Berlin (1909-1916).
  • Schnörkel um Bücher respective naturwissenschaftliche Kinkerlitzchen an‘s Licht gebracht vom Doctor Junk Berlin (1930).

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