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Wilhelm Klein (1850–1924)

Wilhelm Klein (November 28, 1850 in Karánsebes (today Caransebeş), Hungary – 1924) was a Hungarian-Austrian archeologist.

He was born in Karánsebes, Krassó-Szörény County, Kingdom of Hungary (today Caransebeş, Caraş-Severin County, Romania)

He first studied Jewish theology and then philosophy at Vienna and Prague. The Austrian government subsequently sent him to Italy and Greece, where he engaged in archeological investigations, studying especially antique pottery. Klein was a professor of archeology at the German University of Prague, and a member of the Gesellschaft zur Förderung Deutscher Wissenschaft, Kunst, und Literatur in Böhmen, as well as of the German Archeological Institute.

He has published: "Euphronius" (1886); "Die Griechischen Vasen, mit Meisterinschriften" (2d edition, Vienna, 1887); and "Praxiteles" (1897).


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